UK Charts 05/05/14: Spider-Man Swings To The Top

The Amazing Spider-Man has amazingly managed to knock Titanfall off the top spot in the all formats chart, proving there is life left in the movie tie-genre. Ubisoft’s Child of Light charts at ninth place and scored a resounding 10/10 in our review.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Watch: Now down at number thirty but still refusing to leave the charts.

  1. The Amazing Spider-Man 2
  2. Titanfall
  3. FIFA 14
  4. 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
  5. Call of Duty: Ghosts
  6. Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition
  7. Lego The Hobbit
  8. The Lego Movie Videogame
  9. Child of Light
  10. Battlefield 4

Nothing too exciting then, not unless you dig in to the chart sorted individual formats which finds Titanfall on Xbox One in first place, the 360 version now holding in 5th, which is rather odd.

A special mention for Skate 3 which is at number 35 in the all formats chart and this week celebrates its fourth birthday, having hit the shelves May 10th, 2010.

Source: UKIE



  1. Im generally really enjoying Spider-Man, deffo worth a buy. Ive seen reviews that i just cant understand at all

    • Whats it like? Ive got it waiting to be dispatched but am a bit worried now with the reviews ive seen

      • Really good, the combat (which seems to get trashed) is alot better this time round. The swinging is brilliant now you actually connect to buildings again, this gives more use to web rush for getting around roof tops too.

        The city occurrences work alot better this time around as the constantly happen and theirs alot more variety. The costume unlocking seems better this time around and they get individually levelled so you have a reason to wear the others.

        Graphically it looks great, not amazing or next gen but a hell of ally better than the last, its also obvious benox are spiderman fans with references to newer villains/ situations.

        Im probably biased loving Spider-Man but im just not seeing the big things reviews are talking anout, especially combat, i was expecting terrible so im generally surprised.

      • I haven’t seen too many reviews thus far (which is pretty strange in itself), but I have to say that I don’t actually agree with a single one that I have read thus far.

        Take for example this;
        “This isn’t a game production made from the ground up. This isn’t a labor of love or a risk of innovation. It’s just another action game with a coat of Spider-Man paint. If that’s all you want, then feel free to pick it up, but don’t expect anything profound. In a way, Spider-Man hasn’t had a truly good game since Maximum Carnage for the SNES and Genesis, and as long as Spidey keeps showing up in movie tie-ins, we likely won’t see another quality Spidey game for quite some time.”

        It’s almost like they didn’t bother playing the last one & didn’t spend any real time playing this one. Just did the starting sequence & felt that was enough to review!

        Also, not a good spidey game since the SNES & Genesis? Really?? Completely forgetting the excellent Spiderman 2 I see (& as mentioned, it’s like they aren’t even aware of the existence of TASM!).

        Long story short, if you enjoyed the last TASM, you’ll enjoy this one – Plenty to do & see, plenty of fan service & definitely not anywhere near as bad as reviews are making it out to be. I’m having a blast with it.

      • Yeah, i havent found anything in the reviews ive really agreed with so far

      • Dem load times tho.

  2. Titan fall.

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