Pokémon Ruby And Sapphire Remakes Announced For 3DS

Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, the GameBoy Advance third-generation titles, will be remade for 3DS in the form of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.


The games will release worldwide this November, and much like Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Fire Red and Leaf Green before them, will add many new features to the games, bringing them more up to date.

You should expect to see the same 3D visuals from Pokémon X & Y, and they’ll hopefully improve on some issues with the frame rate and visuals, as that was quite disappointing. There’s no gameplay footage, and the trailer above just shows tentative box art, so it seems quite strange announcing the games just a month before E3.

I’m definitely interested in these – I’ve never fully completed Ruby or Sapphire, and it’s the only generation I really felt as though I missed out on. It does feel like quite soon for a remake, but should tide us over until the next new Pokémon title in 2015.

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  1. “It does feel like quite soon for a remake”

    Pokemon Red – 1996
    Pokemon Fire Red – 2004
    8 years, one console generation

    Pokemon Gold – 2000
    Pokemon Heart Gold – 2010
    10 years, two console generations

    Pokemon Ruby – 2003
    Pokemon Omega Ruby – 2015
    12 years, two console generations

    This is actually the longest they’ve left it so far.

    • Pretty sure I’ve just made us all feel old as well…

      • Man, can’t believe it’s that long ago. :-S

        I still haven’t finished Y, and I’ve also acquired a copy of Heart Gold as I missed out on the second generation. Should be enough time to finish both by November. Emerald was really, really good, so this should be fun.

        I just play Pokemon Y in 2D, sorts out pretty much all the performance issues. The game is only 3D in battles anyway.

  2. Why would they use the terms “An epic new adventure is coming” and “Explore a dramatic new world” if they’re both remakes?

    • It’s an interesting choice of words, isn’t it? My guess is that the “new world”-part could stem from it being re-imagined with the X/Y tech, and the “new adventure” may be due to it blending in story elements from Emerald and all the added side stuff there’s sure to be.

      Or it could be sequels, but then you’d think they would have used numbers instead of following the naming convention of the remakes.

  3. Were the originals any good? I never played them as I lost interest in Pokémon at this point. A number of my friends did play them ad I remember most of them saying that they just weren’t as good as Gen 2, citing issues such as no day/night cycle and that the new Pokémon designs were the worst at the time. I’m interested to hear other peoples opinions since they are now being remade.

    • I played Emerald maybe five-six years ago, prior to that the only Pokemon game I’d finished was Blue. (In terms of handheld Nintendo systems I went from Gameboy Pocket to 3DS XL, so I’ve missed out on a lot which is why I’m currently making my way through Heart Gold and Y)

      The lack of a day/night cycle never bothered me (who knows, it could be added to the remakes) and the designs were notably different, but I’d argue they’re mostly good. Every generation has its stinkers (Luvdisc), but there’s no icecream-cones and chandeliers. The designs are better than the fourth and fifth gen IMO.

      What I liked was how it felt next-gen compared to Silver/Gold (which was more 1.5), far better graphics and audio, a very varied and beautiful world with memorable locations and lots of stuff to do on the side.

      • Ok thanks. Personally Gen 2 remains my favourite as it was a lot less glitchy than Gen 1 and just generally felt like what Gen 1 should have been, although it was way too easy. I have been largely out of touch with Pokémon since then, with the exception of the FireRed/LeafGreen remakes which left me feeling slightly disappointed. They lacked the magic of the originals, perhaps being 19 when I played them didn’t help though.

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