Unearthed Is Getting A Second Episode, Featuring Multiple Playable Characters

Do you remember Blair’s review of Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta Episode 1, which was released last year? It’s a rather interesting read and one that ends with the game getting a 1/10, which is a feat in itself. A game scoring a one is a rare thing, and it’s even rarer for a game so badly panned across the board to get a second chance. One of the What’s Bad points in the review was the possibility of Episode 2 seeing the light of day.

But it appears Semaphore, the developers behind the game, have luck on their side as Episode 2 is coming.



This could be one of the most interesting sequels in a long time because if Semaphore have read the various reviews around the net then the studio will know it has work to do. You have to wonder how Semaphore will handle multiple character story arcs and gameplay. There’s no release date yet but we’ll keep you up to date.

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  1. I think I’ll let someone else review it this time…

  2. I HATE these clones with a passion. Not sure TSA should be giving such blatant ripoffs coverage, even if it is mildly tongue in cheek.

  3. There’s an ET joke in there somewhere…

  4. I played the Demo of the first episode. It was an absolute turd! I’ve never seen any mention of it anywhere before. I thought maybe it was all in my imagination……

  5. One character has the ability to randomly glitch through walls or any supposedly stable surface – another is sometimes able to pick things up – while another has the ability to wield a gun and be stealthy in a hilariously ineffective fashion.

  6. well, didn’t see that one coming. o_O

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