Podcast: Episode 142 – MLB, Kiwanuka and Batman

In a shocking turn of events everyone made this week’s podcast. That’s right, Peter, Lewis, Kev and I all managed to actually clear our schedules and appear on a podcast at the same time. Don’t worry, we’ll return to our dishevelled and disorganised ways soon enough I’m sure, but for now just enjoy the whole quartet.

This week’s episode is a surprisingly top heavy one, with the news taking up a much larger chunk of time than is usual, probably because we spent so long focussing on Microsoft’s decision to stop forcing the Kinect upon consumers. However, once we got past the news it was my turn to lead things off with some chat about the Cold, Cold Heart DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins.

After that we kicked things over to Peter for a sad story about Sportsfriends, before he went into more depth about MLB 14: The Show and his irrational hatred of the Boston Red Sox, who really are vastly superior to his beloved New York Yankees. Kev then stepped up to the plate to discuss iOS title Kiwanuka, before Lewis rounded things out by talking about the bizarre sounding file Big Bad Wolves.

Finally, Lewis had a quick fire quiz for us before we capped things off with your questions.

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  1. Look like Kev is out of his “podcast host balance” – from this the speaking problems ^^

    Oh well, Microsoft again showing how bad they planned their new console policies and again showing their supporters that anything they stand for can change in a sec. Not making me happy at all ;]

    Why do the Mets suck so much? I like the NYY, but it’s because I like Limp Bizkit xD

    Thank you for answering my question ^^ I know that it looks like the console purpose has changed, but I still hope for really great PSV exclusives, in terms of “big” titles.

    LOL Kris, giving someone a console without the controls or games is such an evil move to do xD! I loved it, you are me new favourite super villain xD

    All of the Motorstorm games are great. BUT!:
    In terms of single player MOTORSTORM and MOTORSTORM:Pacific Rift are fantastic. Online not so.
    In terms of online multiplayer MOTORSTORM:APOCALYPSE is just pure awesomeness and the best racing fun I had. The betting system is ACE!

    Hmm, the gender problem….no, don’t want to be called anything bad, because of my opinion, so I won’t discuss that :P

  2. Regarding the whole “Watch Dogs 1080p thing”. Yes, it does matter, else we wouldnt be reporting it. Maybe not to you, but to a lot of people. Also I think you are missing the bigger point that the Xbox One version of Watch Dogs is only going to be a slightly better version that an XB360 game, and people who have forked out £450 for a new console were expecting a decent jump in frame rates and resolutions and they simply are not getting them.

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