Jet Car Stunts Will Now Take To The Track In July, PS4 Version To Follow In August

Grip Games has confirmed the release date for Jet Car Stunts, announcing the game will come to PS3 and Vita in July while the PS4 version is to follow in August. The PS3 and Vita version of the game will be a cross buy title, but the PS4 version will not be included in this deal due to the upgrades it will receive, including 60fps in 1080p as well as more details appearing on the tracks. All three versions will be cross play across PSN.  Those who do purchase the PS3 and Vita versions will get a discount on Jet Car Stunts for PS4, though the exact details won’t be known until closer to launch.


Originally a mobile title Jet Car Stunts has received quite a lot of positive feedback, and sequel is on the way on mobile. How it will fare as a console release, and the way it adapts will be interesting to experience. There’s no actual price yet so expect that near release too.

Source: PS Blog



  1. The PS4 needs a good racer but this is not it.

  2. Looks fun, but it’s no Rollcage Stage 2.

    • Why oh why is it not a PSOne Classic? What a game!

      • My favourite racer ever, I hope we see it again some day.

  3. I used to have this on my Iphone but it never felt like a proper game. More playabout thingamebob….

  4. For a minute I thought it was that Supersonic Acrobatic Rocketpowered Battle Cars sequel.

  5. Stunt Car Racer 2. Awesome :)

    • That I would pay good money for. This? Sadly not. It felt very underwhelming on the mobiles.

    • Fumes on Ios is a resonably good game heavily influenced by Stunt Car Racer

  6. The lack of ‘new tracks’ in the trailer is a worry, JCS had an alright amount of content for a mobile game but I’m not convinced that I’ll need to buy this version, even though the game is fantastic.

    Jet Cat Stunts 2 is already out, on iOS at least, it’s bloody good.

  7. Looks like GripShift, one of the first PSN games for the PS3?

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