Xbox One Will See External Storage Support Added In June Update

Coming off the back of recent announcements out of Microsoft’s camp, the next Xbox One update has a lot of things to do, but it’s actually a long promised and much requested feature that gets to be the headline act in June.

External storage support will be added, allowing you to boost the console’s internal 500GB capacity with an external HDD, so that you can put off worrying about deleting game data to make room for the next big game that you want to play. It will, however, need to be formatted by the console – which could potentially mean that it’s unusable for other purposes – be at least 256GB in side and be USB 3.0, as Microsoft need to ensure that the drives plugged in have both the capacity and connection speed to deliver data at the same rate as the internal HDD.

Once formatted, it will actually become the default storage device for future content and installs, but you can always shift data around to suit and have two external drives plugged in. A neat trick is that this will allow you to take your digital content around to a friend’s house much more easily. Just plug your external XBO drive in and then either sign into your Xbox Live account or put in the game disc to verify your ownership of the data and skip install times.

Elsewhere in the update, you’ll have the option to use your real name on Xbox Live. One the update is installed, you’ll be able to blanket ignore this or enable real name sharing and then select who you want to see your name.

Smartglass has a big update too, enabling access to the OneGuide TV listings and Universal Remote Control, with OneGuide support also set to be spreading its wings in Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy this coming month. SmartGlass will also get a bunch more notifications so that you can connect with your friends activities and streaming antics when you’re on the go.

Finally, it will deliver on those tweaks and changes that were announced the other day. Xbox Live Gold membership will no longer be needed for gaming and entertainment apps like Netflix and it will presumably lay the foundations for Games with Gold to transition to the PS+-like subscription model on XBO. Gamers who have put their Kinect in a deep dark hole can rejoice, as they will also now be able to turn on auto-sign in, so that every time you power the XBO on, it will log into a particular account automatically.

All told, it seems like another healthy update that works to deliver on those initial promises from the device, but it’s also interesting to see how quickly Microsoft are moving with regard to the recent changes and announcements they’ve made surrounding the console.

Source: Xbox Wire



  1. This is a significant concern being addressed – storage space, although the PS4’s drive is replaceable, some people will see the XB1 baing able to plus ‘any old drive’ in (subject to conditions) as being ‘easier’.

    Smartglass is ok on the XB1 but the insistence on using it rather than having access via (on any level – you can;t even see your XB1 achievements on your profile!) is annoying.

    One Guide is pretty irrelevant really – it’s not over here yet and unless you have Sky I hear it’s going to be a bit useless.

    For me, who doesn’t mind Kinect, automatic sign-in is unnecessary as the facial recognition on the XB1 is always spot on and far better than the PS4 camera.

    • I take it you’re not in the UK, then? Because OneGuide support is coming to a bunch of EU countries. I’m going to hazard a guess at Ireland.

      • No UK, but not Sky, I have Virgin Media – right now it’s not here even though it’s supposedly coming in June, so it’s not as though I’m really seeing a before and after to get an idea of what I’m gaining.

        Being on VM for TV, it’s not supported and unless XB1 has HDMI passthrough so I don’t need the XB1 to be on when I’m just watching TV (outside of One Guide benefits) it seems a bit of a moot point all round really.

      • I’m not sure I follow. OneGuide support is coming to Smartglass at the same time as it is being added to Xbox Ones in those five countries.

        A quick search shows people who’ve been using the beta update getting along just fine with the Virgin Media Tivo, so it might depend on what box you have, but I assume they’ll have most current hardware covered.

        Passthrough needs the XBO to be turned on, as far as I’m aware, but that’s the point, for the console to then be the man in the middle of controlling your TV, rather than the remote control.

  2. Auto sign in! Was hoping for this now they’ve admitted kinect isn’t as popular as they thought.

  3. It’s good to see these features being added, hopefully the next PS4 update will also have some cool additions too.

  4. The way they’re handling external storage is pretty clever. I was planning on waiting for a “slim-version” of the Xbox with more capacity, but if the Halo Collection rumour is true then I might well buy One early.

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