Catch The First 90 Minutes Of Watch Dogs

Since its grand debut at E3 2012, Watch Dogs has become something of a flagship title for Ubisoft, coming into this latest generation of home consoles. With the game finally arriving on Tuesday, it’s likely that some are still sitting on the fence, despite the constant media barrage.

Thankfully, a retail copy of the game was dispatched early and landed on my doormat this morning, so from 6:30PM BST we’ll be streaming Watch Dogs from the very beginning – no cuts, no skipping, just unadulterated PlayStation 4 gameplay. Hopefully, this will help you make your mind up.

Update: If you missed the live stream, you can catch the archived video on twitch, or just hit play on the embedded video below. The gameplay starts around the 19:30 minute mark.


Our ninety-minute stream includes the first few campaign missions with a little free-roam gameplay for good measure. There’s also a brief introduction to 1v1 online multiplayer.

See you in the land of Chicago-style pizza.



  1. defo watching this in T minus 19 minutes

  2. I got it early too. Put about 5 1/2 hours into it, it’s a lot of fun.

    • What are the graphics like and framerate?

      • It’s pretty solid overall. Not jaw-dropping yet the sheer size of Chicago is impressive. The transition from day to night is great too.

  3. I watched up until he jumps into car, Damn you laptop battery. I gotta say it does look quite good.

  4. Had the PC version on preorder for a while.
    Roll on Mon/Tues!! Looks really good :)

  5. Damn my Sunday lie-in, i’ve missed it now. Tried the link above but weirdly it tells my PS4 it needs flash installed, even though live Twitch streams play fine in the PS4 browser. I guess flash must be neccessary for archive playback, and is also possibly why there is no option to access archived videos in the Live from Playstation app.
    Anyway, i’ve watched a few brief live clips of the game and while it seems to have one foot in last generation visually, the gameplay looks solid enough and the digital trips look fun.

  6. Got the game yesterday but only managed about an hours play. What I’ve seen looks really good and plays well.

  7. My copy arrived yesterday and I’m really impressed. Been playing it loads……

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