WeView: Resogun

When the PS4 launched, no one expected Resogun to be the stand out launch title. Although Killzone Shadow Fall promised a big-budget first person shooter experience, and while Knack offered something exciting for the younger among us, Resogun was the most fun experience available. And – well, aside from inFamous Second Son – it probably still is.

It may seem a bit simple to some people: there are only five levels, and all that you do is shoot enemies while flying left or right at its core, but when you look a bit deeper, and discover the human-collecting mechanics, you’ll find a truly deep and fun game which is extremely replayable.

It’s all about going for that high score, and the leaderboards and different difficulties really add to the longevity. We even hosted a competition on TSA, which had a really good turn out!

I reviewed the game at launch, scoring it 8/10 and concluding:

We need more games like Resogun. Housemarque have once again proven that they’re the masters of innovation through old school design. It’s a stunning game, and perhaps one of the best to show off your new hardware. It’s rhythmic, satisfying, hardcore and ultimately a joy to play, and well worth as many hours of your time as it can steal.

My only problems were the lack of local co-op, the fact that the gameplay may not be for everyone due to its old school nature, and how the human collection mechanic took some time to get used to, as it wasn’t really signposted well enough when a human was available to collect.

It’s also a graphical showcase for the PS4, mainly due to the use of stunning particle effects – thousands on screen at all times – with massive explosions galore. It’s really a great looking game, despite seeming very simple to an outsider.

But what did you think? Did you get on with the gameplay, or couldn’t you get to terms with the old school difficulty? Let us know in the comments, with a paragraph or so on what you thought about the game. Don’t forget to put a Buy It, Sale It, Plus It or Avoid It rating on the end, and get your comments in before Sunday to be in with a chance of being included in next week’s Verdict round-up post.



  1. If I’d had the chance to buy it I absolutely would have, especially as beside Drive Club it was the only game I was genuinely excited about at launch for the PS4.

    I played it a heck of a lot for the first month, but haven’t returned since, being caught up by other new games. I’ll definitely return to it though as it’s a fantastic showcase for the PS4, with great mechanics and tight controls.

  2. Gameplay – 7/10
    Audio – 9/10
    Visuals – 9/10
    Replayability – 4/10

    Overall – 7/10

    Its a great game, I just didn’t ever want to go back to it after the platinum, its a definate buy it and something everybody should at least give a chance, I would say its best played inbetween other games, and not all in one go till you achieve a plat, It got very boring and repetitive (Partly due to my crap skills)

    BUY IT

  3. Good distraction, nice to play through once on each difficulty but I was probably done with it within 4 or 5 hours. Decent enough, just doesn’t offer much depth or longevity for me.
    Plus it.

  4. Awesome game, only wish I had someone willing to play co op or they should have made it local co op.

    It’s beautiful, colours on a HD TV are truly a beauty of a thing.

    Buy it

  5. Great game, I was planning to buy it the second it was announced, but then we got it free with PS+. A lot of fun, definitely buy it. Looking forward to the dlc which they will be announcing soon. Some people think that might add local co-op, but it’s all very secretive at the moment, we’ll see.

  6. I had high hopes for this game and Housemarque did not disappoint. After Super Stardust being one of my first and most played games on PS3, and then repeating the feat on my Vita, Resogun took its rightful place as my first game on PS4.

    The graphics are simply amazing; for a game with so many things happening on screen, it is quite remarkable how I can keep track of (most) things happening. OF course, as with Stardust and Dead Nation, this fast paced game means I won’t be closing my eyelids for minutes on end; never has that old warning about taking a break every hour meant so much to me.
    For such a short game I sure played it a lot, and I even feel bad that it came free for PS+ (I’ll make it up to them once they release the DLC).
    Oh, and bonus points for the voice coming through the controller. While a minor detail, with the right balance between the TV sound and the controller it creates quite a new sound experience.


  7. It’s simply perfect – if you like retro-styled shooters. Like with Super Stardust, this is one of those games that i’ll be dipping into for a blast time and time again. It’s unlikely to reappear on Plus again anytime soon so i recommend Buy It.

  8. These kinds of games don’t really appeal to me but I’m glad I got to try it for free with plus. The first few levels were a blast (Housemarque did a great job) but if they had only given you the first level as a demo, I wouldn’t have paid to unlock the full game. I played it till the end and it was fun but I haven’t played it since. Sale it.

  9. This game took me completely by surprise. I Loved it.

    It set a very high bar, graphically, for other games to reach for, the soundtrack was fantastic, and the gameplay was sublime. It’s so simple and yet punishing at the same time, and is definitely one of those “one more go” games where you tell yourself you have 10 minutes spare before bed so you’ll fire up Resogun and then, 3 hours later when your missus is shouting downstairs asking if you’re planning on coming to bed at all, you find you’re still playing it, trying to trump that guy above you on the leaderboard…

    I have to say BUY IT. Without delay. I almost feel bad for not paying anything for it considering how much enjoyment I got from it! Definitely worth throwing a few quid at

  10. Resogun is the first game I played on PS4 (after a frustrating time trying to get into PSN back in November!)

    I like what they did; creating a defender clone but with all the bells and whistles (and tiny cubes) that a new gen could offer, but it didn’t grab me the same way that Super Stardust did. Not sure why.

    I’d say ‘plus it’ but that ship has sailed, so I’ll go with ‘sale it’ instead.

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