Plus Point Challenge: Resogun Results

The results are in, your best (or worst) attempts are submitted, and we’re pleased to announce the results of the first round of the TSA Plus Points Challenge competition. As a quick reminder, the competition was to submit your highest score playing the first level (Acis) of Resogun on the easiest difficulty (Rookie).

The scores translate to points on the TSA leaderboard (which we’ll be back with tomorrow) with the highest score receiving 10 leaderboard points, second highest receiving 9, all the way down to 10th and below who receive one point each. There was also a bonus five points for the lowest score submitted.

There were a whopping 38 entrants into this initial contest, and without further ado lets announce the winner of this initial contest and congratulate TSA member X1BALBAABLAB1X on an amazingly high score of 90,939,530! That’s the 4th best score ever achieved in the whole world! Madness!


First place was a close run contest, Lieutenant Fatman coming 2nd and running X1BALBAABLAB1X close with a cracking score of 85,241,670, also in the top 10 in the world, ever! The rest of the top 10 had some good little battles, and there really are some excellent scores submitted.

The winner of the wooden spoon is mrfodder with a score of 250 points. It’s interesting to note that this would have been taken by gordon123 with a score of 40 but since he’s in the top 10, he wasn’t eligible for wooden spoon.

As we stated in the original post, there would be a random draw between all of the entrants to win either a $10 or £10 PSN voucher. That lucky winner was actually gordon123 and we’ve sent the prize to him already.

The full results table can be seen below:

Position TSA ID Score
1 X1BALBAABLAB1X 90,939,530
2 Lieutenant Fatman 85,241,670
3 Cron_13 77,411,530
4 Mootown 66,148,910
5 TRAXXAS58 46,806,170
6 gordon123 36,768,730
7 Stevotatersdeep 27,306,450
8 matheson 21,391,020
9 Shadow-King 19,523,730
10 hellfire13 19,494,540
11 lewis815 16,797,210
12 stigdu 16,786,950
13 Lyts1985 16,216,220
14 sick__puppy 16,017,360
15 Brendancalls 13,033,520
16 TheDeathAvenger 11,475,280
17 Omac_brother 11,438,990
18 Crazy_del 9,168,290
19 salvodaze 8,662,950
20 Cali2583 8,434,100
21 DJ Judas 8,334,060
22 Shields_t 8,218,150
23 Hannes_truce 7,890,760
24 zander14rfc 7,683,570
25 Artefx 6,790,230
26 XIII_WarMachine 6,018,970
27 spartanstriker 5,616,460
28 Gaztee 5,485,270
29 rept0n 5,338,440
30 ninjaarekku 4,864,140
31 bigchrissyc 4,646,710
32 dividsmythe 4,590,060
33 Vaile23 4,475,780
34 Tatoemonkey 3,382,010
35 djdustb 2,337,150
36 Tomhlord 2,116,200
37 CharlseY 1,227,350
38 flightx 173,440
39 Mrfodder 250

Remember to keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for the release of the first TSA Plus Points Challenge Leaderboard, where we’ll assign points to everyone who has entered so far. Remember – the first person to fifty points wins a year of PlayStation Plus.

As a side note, there were a few entrants who didn’t properly follow the rules by not showing the correct scoreboard on their tweet. Luckily none of them troubled the top 10, so their entrance has still been counted but in future competitions, failure to properly follow the entrance procedure will result in no entry into the competition for that month.

Written and organised by Tony Cawley.



  1. Woo Hoo! And it hides the poorness of my real score!

    gordon123: How did you get 40. I struggled to get as low as 250.

    • Well done to you! Can’t complain with the 5 bonus points!

      • Thanks. The only way I was going to get some.

    • I got incredibly lucky and never got even close to 40 again. Hit the weapon level up thing for my first death and took in 40 points. Then somehow managed to get hit twice by bullets from the ground turrets without exploding anything.

  2. Woohoo, great fun. :o)
    Thanks for the kind words.

    Congrats to X1BALBAABLAB1X for smashing it, never quite caught him. :o)

    • Cheers, dude. Pretty sure had you not been there nipping at my heels I would have never have got a score so ridiculous.
      Was great fun, indeed. :)

    • You did a bloody good job of pushing him so close mate. Your score is also madness! It’s these little battles that justify this competition, make it well worth all the effort.

      • Thanks guys! I must admit, I never expected to get a score like that. But yes, as you say, the little battles make it all the more fun.

    • Congrats to the both of you, very well deserved :D

  3. I definately entered this but my name isnt on the list, strange.

    • Did you use the #TSAResogun hashtag? That’s how we collected the results. Can you post a link to the tweet?

      • I did but I couldn’t find my score on highscore on the highscore list. It probably didn’t sync with leaderboards. My internet has been playing up. I did send in my highscore screen capture. I knew it kind of messed up.

      • You’re on there.

      • Oh dear lol sorry.

    • It should be picture 4, just incase it doesnt link exactly to that picture.

      • Wow, very strange – didn’t appear in the hashtag, and we triple checked! We’ll update the leaderboard since it doesn’t affect the top 10.

      • Apologies for this bigchris, I definitely checked and checked and checked. Searched through the hashtag multiple times just to make sure I got everyone. Glad Blair is going to update the tables for you.

      • On my phone at the moment, so can’t check if his score would come up, but if checking the results on Twitter on your computer, there is an option to select ‘all’ once you’ve searched on the hashtag. Which should also shows all results in the order they are submitted.
        Unfortunately the default option (and it seems the only option on phones and most tablets) doesn’t show all the results. You probably knew this already but I thought I’d point it out just in case.

      • Yep I did the search on a pc. The default option is to only show top tweets but I pressed the all tweets button so was definitely searching through all submissions. Trust me, it took long enough! Haha.
        Thinking of a better solution for next comp, think we may have it.

      • Ah, fair dues, naughty Twitter.

  4. Top 10!!! He shoots he kills little block enemys and saves LGM well done to all that enterd every one. Realy looking forward to our next challenge

    • Well done mate. Good effort! Am working out the next challenge as I type this so keep your eyes peeled!

      • Please don’t let it involve ‘Don’t Starve’… Please! I can get as far as day 4 and that’s it


      • I’d love it to be Don’t Starve but considering all the options can be tweaked to make it really easy I’m not sure what the best way would be to make it work.

  5. Well done everyone!

  6. Awesome stuff.

    Had a lot of fun with this and was great to get back to Resogun.

    Looking forward to more comps and trying to be a lil more active here.


    • Congratulations dude, your score is ridiculous!

      • Totally! Learning the Overdrive tweak was key for me.

        Thank you.

      • Now the competition is over, I say you share your tricks! ;-)

      • Posted a link to vid on my FB page further down.
        I expect to see my score smashed :)

    • Congrats! Just out of curiosity but what technique did you use? Purely the overdrive or the end level save human combo as well? Every time I tried to go for the overdrive method my game would freeze :(

      • I concur with Tony. Spill :-)

      • Cheers :)

        Couldn’t see an option to reply, until I saw your post.

        Yeah, end of level Overdrive. Posted more at the bottom of this page.

      • The key to these crazy scores is overdrive. The more enemies you catch at a higher multiplier, the better. I actually let most of the humans die in my run. Apart from human 2, as they boost your overdrive. Also overdrive explosion is worth looking into. Hold R1, don’t touch the right stick. Watch the ring move towards your ship. Just before it touches, release. BOOM! Everything caught in the explosion gives you massive points. If you’ve given enemies the run around for the last ten minutes and let them build up you can potentially get over 70 million in one move. Takes some practice but it’s doable.

      • Explained better than I would have done :)

        (Think I’m suss ing the reply thing now)

      • Yeah, took me a while to figure it out as well, lol.

      • Here’s a photo when preparing for that all important overdrive. :o)

      • Fatman, that’s madness! How on earth can you survive long enough to amass all those enemies? Congrats to you, that takes some doing!

      • not sure this will work.

        Also used the #TSAResogun on Twitter to link it, if this link doesn’t work.

  7. 13th… Meh, not bad, I guess with a little more persistence I could’ve done better but hey ho, was fun nonetheless :-)

    I’m still not sure how such astronomical scores are possible – it felt like I was doing everything right :-S

    Congrats everyone!!

    • Indeed mate. I was astonished when sorting through the results. My best effort got absolutely smashed by you!

      • What was your score mate? Would be interesting to see how staff got on too :-)

        Once you’ve figured out how to hoard the humans, getting 15mil+ is no problem… But 80mil+??

        The mind boggles!

      • Oh I only got about 6 million I think but I didn’t really have more than a couple of goes as I knew I wasn’t entering.

  8. How people got some of those scores is beyond me, well done all!

    Mine was missed too, don’t think I did anything wrong per-se, must just be the search playing up, no worries as I didn’t exactly trouble the higher echelons :p :

    • I’ve added you. We’ll have to change the entry a bit next time.

      • Cheers, the hashtag searches were playing up during the ps4nodrm thing as well, not sure if there’s a better way though.

      • Is it to do with people who’s twitter accounts are private to start with?

  9. @tonycawley (couldn’t reply to you directly).

    I’ll upload a vid using the #TSAResogun a little later, unless beaten to it.
    Mostly, it’s just shoot as few things as you can get away with ’til as close to the level’s end, and then just blast everything with Overdrive.
    Saving the 2nd human upgrades Overdrive, which is helpful and the timing of the releasing of R1 when firing Overdrive (tweak).

    Super boring for the first few minutes of the level.

    Hope this makes sense – cooking dinner at the same time.

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