Plus Points Challenge: Stick it to the Man Results

This month’s challenge was an interesting one, as it was for a game that hasn’t received all that much love – Stick it to the Man. We still managed to get 14 entries in, which is quite impressive considering the lack of buzz for the game. Due to the nature of the game, we returned to the tried and tested formula of the good old caption contest for a bit of fun, with TSA staff voting on what they thought were the best entries.

As you’ll see, Lietenant Fatman has managed to do it yet again and win this month’s contest with an amusing entry – we love “dad jokes”, it seems – which adds yet another 10 leaderboard points to his tally. Is there anything that he can’t do? High scores, amusing captions, fast times, you name it, he’s done it. Congratulations must go out to him again. was once again consulted for this month’s lucky winner of the £10/$10 PSN voucher and the gods of randomness decided it will go to Theberzerka who has already been contacted.

We didn’t manage to come up with a bonus points contest for this month so all entrants who didn’t finish in the top 10 were entered into and it was decided the 5 bonus leaderboard points will go to carrot381.

The top five entries can be seen below, but click on over to page two to see who came sixth and below. Join us tomorrow for the monthly leaderboard update.

Winning entry – Lieutenant fatman


Now when I said, give me a hand with the dinner… 

Second place – Ashw92


Rays attempts at a superhero costume to go with his new powers had gone tremendously wrong.

Third place – TSBonyman


Grandpa hoped his new dentures weren’t too noticeable.

Fourth place – Theberzerka


I could really use a new bra right now, droopy is not a good look for me.

Fifth place – Camdaz


Bruce (with Tess) decides not to retire from Strictly Come Dancing.

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  1. Oh bollocks, @theiainhamilton is me, I may not have put my ID on it. Sorry guys and gals, xxx, sad face.

  2. Thanks for third place guys and well done to everyone who entered, most of them made me chuckle.

  3. Wow, didn’t see that coming, so many funny entries, I had a good laugh at a few of these. Cheers.

  4. Fifth place :}

  5. I am obviously not as funny as I think I am :) well done everyone

  6. Yup mine did suck never mind some good entries though

  7. Awesome. Thank you for psn voucher. I enjoyed all the entries, I do enjoy the caption challenges.

    • Aaaaargh my little sloth has gone!

  8. Booooo and, indeed, hissss…

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