Plus Points Challenge Reminder: Stick It To The Man

This month’s Plus Points Challenge has been running for a couple of weeks now and already we’ve seen quite a healthy response with eight entries in so far, though that total is still some way below what we would like to see. This is just a reminder then that you have until 6PM BST on Sunday 1st June to get your entries in. Thankfully, it’s quite simple to do, as you will see below.

The contest this month is a caption contest so just take a screenshot of anything going on in Stick it to the Man, think of a funny caption for it and send it to us in a tweet. TSA staff will vote on the best entries and points for the leaderboard will be awarded based on final finishing position.

On top of that, one random entrant will win a £10/$10 PSN voucher, so what are you waiting for? Get your entries in as soon as you can!

How to enter

  1. Using your PS4, send a screenshot from Stick it to the Man via Twitter to @thesixthaxis,
  2. In your tweet, include a witty line that relates to the screenshot you’ve sent,
  3. Make sure your tweet includes your TSA username,
  4. You can only enter this contest one time, so make sure your entry is the one you want to send,
  5. Closing date for entries is Sunday 1st June at 6PM GMT. Any entries received after this date will not be counted,
  6. TSA staff will decide upon the order of the top 10 after the closing date,
  7. If you didn’t enter last month’s competition, it doesn’t matter, you’ll still get points for entering,
  8. In the case of people sending in multiple entries, only your first tweet will be considered.


  • TSA staff will vote for their favourite entries and leaderboard points will be awarded as follows:
    • 1st place will receive 10 leaderboard points.
    • 2nd place will receive 9 leaderboard points.
    • 3rd place will receive 8 leaderboard points.
    • And so on, all the way down to 10th place and below who will each receive 1 leaderboard point.
    • All entrants will be placed into a random draw and one lucky person will win a £10 or $10 PSN voucher.

I look forward to seeing what else you guys can come up with!



  1. Oh yeah, I have a PS4 now so can actually get involved. Thanks for the reminder post!
    I’ll try and get mine in soon.

  2. I must still try and give this a go but i’m finding it difficult to come up with a suitably witty caption for a game which is already fairly bonkers!

    • Yeah, I found it suprisingly difficult as well. Don’t Starve seemed to work a lot better for captions.

    • Well the8 entries that I’d seen were pretty good so far so maybe some finding it easier than other?

      • Oh it’s like that then is it? Ha ha, i’ve sent mine in now.

    • Either way guys get your entries in, you never know you might think it isn’t very funny but we might and that’s what counts

      • To be fair I didn’t get particularly far, so I may have found it easier had I seen more of the game.
        Two games for you to choose from in June, Tony. Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate and Trine 2: The Complete Story.

  3. Just uploaded my entry.

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