Plus Points Challenge: Stick It To The Man

We could be entering into the last couple of months of the Plus Points Competition unless somebody puts a stop to Lieutenant Fatman! This month sees the competition move on to current PS4 PS+ offering Stick it to the Man. The game is a quirky little title that sees you taking control of a guy made of paper and well, erm, doing a lot of very crazy things that are kind of difficult to explain. I’m sure you’ll see what I mean when you get to playing the game.

Due to the nature of the bonkers platformer, it’s pretty difficult to come up with any kind of contest for this one, there are no scores, no timer, no leaderboards or anything else like that which may make for easy competition. So we return to the tried and tested formula of the caption contest!

Last time we did this was for Don’t Starve and it lead to some pretty hilarious entries. Stick it to the Man should lend itself perfectly to a caption contest because there’s so many bonkers things going on all the time. So what are the prizes and how do you enter I hear you ask? Read below to find out all you need to know.

How to enter

  1. Using your PS4, send a screenshot from Stick it to the Man via Twitter to @thesixthaxis,
  2. In your tweet, include a witty line that relates to the screenshot you’ve sent,
  3. Make sure your tweet includes your TSA username,
  4. You can only enter this contest one time, so make sure your entry is the one you want to send,
  5. Closing date for entries is Sunday 1st June at 6PM GMT. Any entries received after this date will not be counted,
  6. TSA staff will decide upon the order of the top 10 after the closing date,
  7. If you didn’t enter last month’s competition, it doesn’t matter, you’ll still get points for entering,
  8. In the case of people sending in multiple entries, only your first tweet will be considered.


  • TSA staff will vote for their favourite entries and leaderboard points will be awarded as follows:
    • 1st place will receive 10 leaderboard points.
    • 2nd place will receive 9 leaderboard points.
    • 3rd place will receive 8 leaderboard points.
    • And so on, all the way down to 10th place and below who will each receive 1 leaderboard point.
    • All entrants will be placed into a random draw and one lucky person will win a £10 or $10 PSN voucher.

Right that just about ends the formalities, all that remains is for you guys to get playing the game, get thinking funny things (the game will help with that, it’s quite amusing), and get your entries sent in. We look forward to reading your witty tweets!


  1. Can the Vita/Steam/PS3 version be used seeing as it is just image capture?

    • We allowed them for don’t starve so I see no reason why not.

  2. Cool, i’ll give this one a bash.

  3. Nice one, not played much of this yet, coming up with a decent caption could be difficult.

    • I don’t think you’re going to find it tough at all. If you haven’t played it much you’ll see what I mean when you get into it. So many bonkers scenarios you can’t fail with this one.

  4. Never played by this, or know what’s it about but I cannot do any worse than last months comp.

    • You could equal it though by sending in a screenshot of the wrong game or something!

  5. Done and done, puns aren’t my strong point and the game isn’t to my liking but I’m happy with the end result. Cheers guys.

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