Futuridium EP Deluxe Is Bringing The Rave To PS4 & Vita In July

MixedBag has confirmed the release month for Futuridium EP Deluxe as July, and will come simultaneously to PS4 and PS Vita. The game will be cross-buy and the leader boards will be cross platform, but there is no confirmation on a cross save function yet. The game will also not support 3D at launch, but MixedBags is looking into adding the feature. There will be 50 levels to play through with five bosses and five bonus levels, as well as a turbo button for the ship. There are no other power ups in the game.

There will be an additional Classic mode which feature 13 levels, and will not equip the ship with turbo. There are also 150 medals to achieve, with three being assigned to each of the original 50 levels. . Personally I’m really digging the music and I just want to hear more of that, so a soundtrack accompaniment would be ace.

Source: PS Blog



  1. I’ll defo be grabbing this. Loved Uridium on ZX Spectrum I think it was?

    • I played it on the Atari ST, good times indeed.

    • I believe i played a public domain clone called Paridium, or something like that which came free on an Amiga mag floppy disk.

    • Wait, what? Is this somehow related to Uridium, old C64 top-down side-scrolling schmup by the guys who made ParaDroid?

      I loved that game first time round. Even bought it on the Wii virtual console.

      • ParaDroid? They need to bring that back.

      • Got that on the Wii virtual console too. Surprisingly hard (or maybe my reactions aren’t all that were…).

        Bring on the remake!

      • Paradoid – that was the game i played, cheers NotSmartEnough! :)

  2. That looks awful.

  3. Looks kinda funky, might pick this up, price-depending.

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