News Snatch: BattleCry, Evolve, The Evil Within And Sacred 3

Well hello there [SHUTUP], how are we all today? I’m doing [KILL] well, thanks for asking [DIE DIE DIE]. I gave up smoking five days ago and I don’t [GOAWAY] seem to be having any anger [RAH] issues or moods swings [FEEDMEEVRYTHING].

So then, we start with a video taken from the recently released Watch Dogs, recorded by our very own Teflon. “Chicago in the near future, has really sturdy parasols,” he notes.

Shadow Warrior runs at 1080p and 60fps on PS4 and 900p and 60fps on Xbox One.

Bethesda have announced BattleCry, a free to play 32 player online multiplayer action game for PC. Gunpowder is banned so fists, arrows and axes to the face are the order of the day.

You may remember I had a nice chat with Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V, aka the very talented Mr. Steve Ogg.

He has written a guest essay to accompany “Safe”, a bold new comic take on the zombie genre, which is on Kickstarter right now. If you ever wanted to see Trev kicking zombie ass then why not back the campaign, which is run by my chum Justin.

And yes, this has very tenuous links to anything video-gamey but I owe Justin a favour for arranging the interview with Steven and this is the pay off. Now go back his Kickstarter (which features Steven in the trailer!) else kittens will die.

Gameplay from Evolve, featuring new hunters! Woo!

“Very exciting day at the PlayStation canteen,” tweets Hollie B, “We now have an egg boiler!”
The making of Murdered: Soul Suspect, which is starting to look really, really good.

The next project from Martin Kenwright, the founder of Evolution Studios and creator of MotorStorm is, uhm, CyberCook, “the first truly interactive cookery platform”.

People being scared by loud noises with The Evil Within.

Pixel Junk Shooter Ultimate will have a platinum trophy but “it’s not easy to get.”

Sacred 3 has been moved forward and will now launch on 1st August for the Xbox 360, PlayStation3 and Windows PC.
And Finally, Mario. In a car. But not fat. And weird.


  1. That Mario/Merc advert is incredible. It’s just so awful that I love it. I think they should bring it over here too. Would probably be quite effective exposure wise.
    Also, I love that you just included the screenshot with no writeup or explanation in the News that is not News section. Made me chuckle.

  2. Even though the Merc looks out of place in Mario Kart, at least we now know the game supports DLC.

  3. This snatch is a little dry today.

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