Inside My Radio By Seaven Studio Bringing The Beats To PC & Consoles

Seaven Studio has just announced Inside My Radio, a rhythm based action platformer, for PC and consoles. The story of the game follows a green creature who lives in a boombox, and it is up to him to fix the machine by travelling through different worlds within it.  The games action is dictated by the rhythm and beats of the soundtrack, and players will have to perform actions in time to the music.  This means playing on mute is not an option.


Each location present in the game has a different musical style to it, with these including disco and electro. Each level within these worlds will also have their own variations on the genre it represents. The game first appeared at Ludum 23 and was created by TurboDindon, but now the developer has teamed up with Seaven Studios to bring a bigger and more polished version of the game to a mass audience.

There’s no release date yet or confirmation of which consoles Inside My Radio will appear on.

Source: Twitter/Inside My Radio



  1. I’ve always thought a DAW like Ableton should bring out a version for consoles, surly there’d be some people that would want to use the grunt of their PS4 to make tunes…?

    • I for one would love a daw on the ps4. I miss music 2000 alot!

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