Out This Week: Murdered: Soul Suspect, WildStar & Tomodachi Life

Guess what intrepid readers? E3 is in a week and with it will no doubt come an avalanche, or at least a trickle, of new games popping up on the radar. The bad news? I’m actually going to have to think of something clever to fill these intros…

WildStar | PC | Today

Easily one of 2014’s most-anticipated MMORPGs, WildStar has players exploring the untamed world of Nexus. Developed by Carbine Studios – a patchwork of RPG vets – it certainly has pedigree, as evidenced by its creative approach to the genre.


What’s different about WildStar is its approach to combat and exploration. Though not quite an “action MMO” like DC Universe Online or Defiance, the game uses markers to denote players’ attack ranges – something that crosses over into PvP. A multi profession system also opens a slew of additional objective for characters outside their pre-defined combat class.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Producing Perfection | PS Vita | Friday

Following last month’s Mugen Souls Z, developer Compile Hearts has another localised PlayStation exclusive touching down this week.

Unlike its predecessors, Producing Perfection is not a JRPG. Instead it beams up the characters and setting of Hyperdimension Neptunia and drops them into a pop idol simulator. The result is a bizarre mix of genres with some of the least subtle video game references going around.

PS Vita Pets | PS Vita | Friday

Some more Vita loving this week, courtesy of SCEE. PS Vita Pets is exactly what it sounds like, though you’d be forgiven in thinking it’s just a Nintendogs clone.

Your pet will talk to you and go on adventures to exciting and mysterious locales. The game will also make use of the Vita’s features including touch screens and AR.

Murdered: Soul Suspect | PS3, PS4, 360, X1, PC | Friday

This week’s major console release is somewhat of a curve-ball. From Quantum Conundrum developer, Airtight, Soul Suspect has players adopt the role of Ronan O’Connor a detective investigating… his own murder.

The game looks to be heavy on mystery solving and puzzles, O’Connor weaving his way through the ghost world in search of the nefarious Bell Killer.

Tomodachi Life | 3DS | Friday

Despite the recent controversy surrounding the lack of same-sex relationships, there are many Nintendo gamers pumped for Tomodachi Life.

In short, it’s a wonderfully bizarre sim in which your own, custom-made characters mingle and perform a variety of strange tasks in pursuit of their dreams.



  1. Murdered soul review in the pipes?

    Looking forward to pets, the trailer had me ages ago.

  2. Pets ordered for my lad. He’s been loving puppy parlour and has been looking forward to the full game.

    I’m interested in Soul Suspect but gonna wait for the reviews and probably a price drop. Unfortunately I’m finding PS4 games just too expensive to justify buying new. Especially the digital versions.

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