Sony To Discontinue The PSP In Japan, Ending An Era

Sony’s PSP, the company’s first foray into the handheld gaming space, will cease to be produced for the Japanese market effective immediately.  The company has decided to introduce a PS Vita Super Value Pack where PSP owners can trade in the handheld for the newer console. The PSP hasn’t had the easiest of life cycles with it failing to compete toe to toe with Nintendo’s DS line, though over 80 million of the console were sold.


There were a few hardware revisions of the PSP including the Slim & Lite, Street, and Go models, with the latter trying to push an all digital platform by removing the UMD drive.  There were also some controversial advertising campaigns that drew the ire of the public, including a billboard poster for the white PSP from the Netherlands that many deemed racist. The PSP is a decent bit of gaming goodness but it never really received the IP that made it necessary.

I think I might look for my PSP and give it another go again for old times sake.

Source: Polygon



  1. I didn’t realise they still manufactured the PSP.
    The trade in is a good idea.

  2. RIP PSP & Kevin Butler

  3. I got an Japan import psp and seeing playstation quality games on such a small device was amazing at the time. Great little system.

  4. 80 million PSPs sold place it in the all time top 10 consoles.

    Level with PS3 and above N64, 3DS, and SNES. Even if you add up the sales of every Sega console and handheld together, PSP is only outsold by 7 million.

    Not bad for the also ran.

  5. “Including a billboard poster for the white PSP from the Netherlands that many deemed racist.”

    What the hell? Hahaha!

    Dear TSA.

    I can’t help but notice your article is black text on a white background. This white background dominates the pixel count when compared to the black text and I feel it compounds the imbalanced stereotyping we see in everyday society. How can the black pixels be given a chance if the white pixels continue to control and overpower the environment within which the black pixels seek to flourish.

    Please address this immediately by changing everything to grey. For an RGB value, might I suggest you pop the Photoshop Eye Dropper Tool onto a photo of former Prime Minister, Sir John Major.

    Yours faithfully,

    Mr. Keyboard Warrior.
    (dictated but not read)

    • Your letter is thought provoking but misses the obvious fact that the black gets to say what it likes and sit wherever it likes all over the whites big flat face. On a less serious matter, RIP the PSP, you brought us bucketloads of both arthritis and fun!

  6. Some fantastic memories of my PSP, amongst my most played consoles of all time I think. Patapon, Lumines, Ridge Racer, Valkyria Chronicles 2, and of course Monster Hunter made the hours fly by!

    The fact my Vita can play most of those titles makes a brilliant console even better!

  7. :-) Massive PSP fan, broke my 1st one accident, bought a further 3 since then, another phat and 2 slims.My UMD collection which is still being built up has over 80 games and another 41 films/music UMD’s.

    Loved it for it’s Import games, pricey but worth it, the Retro compilations, games like Killzone, Resistance, Syphon Filter, Silent Hill:Origins+S.M, FF:Crisis Core, locoroco, Pursuit Force, Lumines,MGS:Peace walker, warhammer 40,000, 2 wipeouts, you name it, it seemed to have every base covered.

    Piracy pretty much killed it from a 3rd party support aspect and Sony were too ‘economical’ with the truth initally regarding PSP Gran turismo, faked screens etc, talk of PSP Oblivion came to nothing as did PSP Resident Evil, sadly….

    Sony went through a bizzare patch of releasing things like the GPS add-on, revised models of the hardware, but not the games it badly needed.

    I’d also have liked to have seen more UMD films with game features on, like stealth, where as well as the film, you had cutom Wipeout tracks+craft.Plus more PSP-PS3 link up, Resistance was great (until you turned PSP off), but Sony never delivered on the potential.I still recal them demoing the PSP linked up to the PS3, PSP being used as a rear view mirror for a PS3 F1 Racer.

    Fantastic sales figures though.

  8. That’ll be PSP GOne then :0

    Still have my two PSP’s Shorty and Phatty…a GO and a launch model working perfectly!

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