4A Games May Be Working On A New Metro, Plus A New Sci Fi IP

4A Games are bringing the rather fantastic Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light to the new generation of the consoles, and now it appears the developer could be preparing a third instalment in the series. This goes against the original position where 4A had in the past said it would move on to pastures new, and leave the dreary world of a post apocalyptic Moscow behind. However, an interview with a Russian publication seems to have shed light on two games, one being part of Metro,

 “…a new shooter in the universe Metro, radically different from the previous parts of the series . Working on the script author of the novels “Metro” Dmitry Gluhovskij and action games … Here we have to stop.  NDA forbids us to give any details , but look at those episodes and technical pieces that we have seen in the office 4A Games, really impressive .”

In a way it could make sense as porting over the last two games to the new generation could help capture a large audience that is waiting for big new games on the PS4 and Xbox One. If enough people pick up Metro Redux then many of those may want a third installment. This isn’t the only game 4A could be working on as later in the same interview there is talk of a new IP that is a shooter set in space with alien landscapes that have never been seen. It’s unlikely either will be shown at E3 as the studio will want all the focus on Redux, but you never know.

Source: OnlySP