PS4 & Vita Bundle Appears On Amazon France (Updated)

The PS4 and Vita bundle has been speculated on, and was confirmed by Sony for a release before Christmas 2013. Of course that time has come and gone with store shelves empty of such a bundle. Now it is time to speculate again as Amazon France has listed a PS4 & Vita bundle for release in July. The date itself is more than likely a place holder, but the bundle could be revealed at E3 next week.



The price itself seems a bit steep with £500 likely to be the sweet spot if it’s to be successful. Hopefully Sony does give details at its E3 conference which we’ll be covering live in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Source: Amazon

Update: Sony has confirmed the existence of the bundle, but has not stated where it will release or the pricing. The company issued the following sentence.

“The availability of the PS4 / PS Vita bundle will be determined and announced on a regional basis.”

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  1. You can buy a PS4 for £350 (cheaper if you shop around) and a Vita for £150 so why anyone would pay £580 for them bundled together is beyond me!

    • I’ve seen a PS4 for £299 and a slim Vita for £129, at those prices you could have two Vitas and still pay less than the French. This is a good idea though, at the right price it’ll shift loads of Vitas and hopefully give it the much needed second wind. Of course, at the wrong price it’ll be pointless…

    • The price is likely just a lazy place holder, similar to what GAME did when charging £30 for Minecraft of the vita. Bundle’s are classically supposed to be about saving money, and even if that is not true in this case, the RRP of the bundle would be at most £529 (the RRP of PS4 and Vita combined).

  2. This needs to be £495 or there is no incentive to buy this bundle, unless they include some games and PS+

  3. Hopefully this’ll be released at a more sensible price and loads more people will get their hands on a Vita…..and PS4 of course.

  4. Strange the price is in pounds on the French Amazon site…

  5. Assuming it’s the Slim handjob that is included which averages around £160 plus £350 for big bro’ 4 it would more or less equate to the the suggested half grand price tag being suggested in the real world of TSA!

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