TSA E3 Bingo 2014

With E3 only a matter of days away, it’s the perfect time for you to grab your magic 8 ball and give it a good shake! This year marks the 6th annual TSA E3 Bingo, with all the big press conferences on the 9th and the expo running between the 10th and 12th of June. The big publishers will be showing off what gaming greatness we can expect in our living rooms in the future, but this is your chance to grab some bragging rights by predicting everything that’s going to happen.

As per usual, below is a list of things that may or may not appear or occur during the trade show, of which you can choose 12 options from. The number in brackets signifies the number of points each item is worth, with the more likely options having lower points, and the less likely options having higher points. Like last year, there’s a little risk versus reward for those of you that pick the riskier options!

If you pick correctly, you’ll be rewarded with those points, and the winner will be the person with the highest overall score, not the person who picked the greatest number of correct options. There’s already been quite a few leaks and early announcements, which is part of why the entry window is quite small.

The Rules

Simply pick 12 unique options from the list below and submit the form. You can only enter once, so make sure you’re happy with your choices and try not to pick duplicates, as they won’t count. Make sure you get your entry in by 11:59PM BST on Sunday 8th June, otherwise it won’t count. Our usual T&Cs apply and where it’s debateable if an option did come true, our decision is final.

We’ll do our best to get the results calculated and posted as soon as we can, but be aware it may take a little while. Other than that, fill out the form below, good luck, and enjoy E3!

Update: If you’d like to peruse the list of options just click here to go to the second page and take a peak.

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  1. Good ol’ TSA Bingo! I’ll have a go this eve when i have time to read through the list properly. Good luck everyone!

    • I’ve gone through the list now but would probably have been as well off to just pick randomly for all the good that did, lol.

    • If anyone wants to browse the full list at their leisure, billsmugs has pulled the list from the html and posted it here….


  2. Done :-)

  3. Doesn’t seem like a year ago we were playing this guys, as Bonyman says, good luck everyone.

  4. Done, I’m curious what we can expect from everyone!

  5. Done. Some funny choices there.

  6. Done! I picked what I wanted to see rather than what I thought might be shown. So I am prepared for a very low score. But hey, if I’m right, I’m confident of victory ;)

  7. Done :) My favourite TSA feature

  8. I love Bingo!

  9. I’ve gone for some risky options, but where’s the fun in playing it safe!

    • If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from life, it’s to always bet on The Last Guardian and Agent.

    • Same. Tried to balance it out though, but gone for some that could be considered risky lol.

      Can’t have an E3 without participating in TSA E3 Bingo. Love it.

  10. Ah, another year of wild speculation based mostly on me going ‘oh, that would be nice!’. Can’t wait to collect my winnings, haha.

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