Fable Anniversary Will Be Bringing The Celebration To PC In September

Lionhead Studios has confirmed that Fable Anniversary will be getting released on PC, after a teaser trailer was posted a couple of days back by the developer. While the release date wasn’t explicitly given there was a clue hidden in the trailer for fans to decipher. That clue turned out to be a binary message in one of the comment boxes that appears, and that was decoded to reveal the date as September 2014.


The game will be released through Steam though it isn’t listed in the store yet. There will be controller support including the use of the Xbox One pad, as PC drivers for that were released earlier this week. If you do fancy using that controller on your PC then you can get the drivers from Major Nelson’s blog here.

Source: Lionhead Studios



  1. Aww yiss! I’d given up hope for this!

  2. About time!

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