First Look At New Criterion Games Title

Criterion Games – the team behind the incredible Burnout series – have just given us the first look at their latest, as yet untitled, project.

The game was described as a massive first person experience, and looks set to feature an open world populated by pretty much every awesome extreme-sports vehicle you can think off – be that ATVs, jetskis or even helicopters. We’re not just restricted to sports cars any more – although I’m sure they’ll make an appearance too later into the game’s development cycle.



  1. Having to re-type this as ‘unable to connect to website’ message on this bloody 360 Internet Explorer (Look Ms if i’m paying to use a bloody web browser, at least ensure the bastard thing works, ok? ta..)

    Right, long story shorter…Burnout i loved.PS2 saw me buying 1st 2, Revenge+takedown i had on 360, plus re-bought Revenge on 360, still play to this day, bought both PSP games and finally Burnout Paradise on PS3, which i bloody hated, even after spending more money on Big Surf Island.

    Basically, do NOT F-this up, don’t try and go all clever and open world, just because you can/marketing love that selling point, just return to balls deep utter bloody carnage on the roads and i’ll have that same sh*t eating grin i had when Burnout was at it’s best.

  2. Woooow, yes! Basically, this is Red Bull The Game, awesome. So much potential, very exciting stuff.

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