New Game From Limbo Developer Called Inside, Coming To Xbox One

Inside has just been revealed at the Microsoft E3 conference, and it is the new title by Playdead, who you may know as the studio that created the rather moody Limbo. Inside looks to be only a slightly more colourful affair, and by that I mean there’s more than black, white and grey present.

In terms of tone Inside is still a very dark game showing a young boy running across what appears to be a run down society where the people are either zombies, or mindless. Machines or someone controlling them appear to be in charge, and since the boy hides from them, the main danger of the game.



  1. This was the best thing Xbox showed

  2. My inner cynic is in full swing with E3 so far…lol.

    Personally found Limbo to be THE most over-hyped piece of software of the last generation, one of those games that just because it looked a bit, you know, ‘Arty’, people had to claim they liked (by people i refer to certain friends of mine) that and bloody Portal, just because ‘others’ raved about it, my shhep like mates had to bleat alongside them…

    so i bought the bloody thing on ‘recomendation’ and loathed it.Mind you i F**ked up and bought things like I Am alive…and …Mark Of The Ninja, after mates gushed praise for them, so i’m not saying i’m at all bloody clever…just damn wary these days….

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