Planetside 2 Marches On With A New Trailer For PS4

Planetside 2, Sony’s massively multiplayer online shooter, is set to arrive on PS4 this year, and it has been confirmed that the game will be making an appearance at this week’s E3. In preparation SOE have released a new trailer of the game up and running on the Playstation 4, giving console owners a look at the gameplay they can expect to discover.

I’m hugely looking forward to this game, having looked on enviously at my PC owning friends that have got to play it. The idea of taking part in battles with hundreds of other players is fantastic, and tied together with a great art style and the fact that it’s free to play should make it an essential download upon its release.

Source: Youtube


  1. That is an awful trailer. Bring on e3. ……

    • My exact sentiment when i watched the trailer. Just awful, whoever made should be fired. The trailer actually made me decide that this game looks crap and will stay away from it.

  2. Yeah. not a good trailer, but I`ll be up for giving it a go

  3. Great game but not the best of trailers. Been a while since I last logged some hours but have high hopes for the PS4 version.

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