The Ninjas Are Coming As Warframe Confirmed For Xbox One

Digital Extremes has released a new trailer titled The Rebirth in which the studio confirms that Warframe, the free to play action title, is going to launch on Microsoft’s Xbox One. It will be coming to the console through the [email protected] program.

This information was first kind of confirmed a few months back when PEGI rated Warframe for the system.

A release date for when it will release has yet to be confirmed.



  1. won’t exactly be free to play though will it?

    • Why won’t it exactly be free to play? Because of having to pay for xbox gold? Same can now be said for PS+ too.

      • Don’t think you need PS+ to play warframe. I think all the f2p games are free to play without PS+

      • yeah, what Breezy said.

  2. Shady use of the words free-to-play now, as some have already mentioned. Tut tut.

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