The Sims 4 To Be Released In September

The Sims 4 is due for release in September this year. The series is rejuvenating how characters behave and interact, giving their personality and emotions a bigger impact on their life events.


The trailer follows a hothead called Chuck. He laughs, he cries, he laughs again, he dies. The game is more extreme than the last, setting up funnier scenarios than before. If a situation goes awry, the player is able to add a Sim from another player’s game that they believe could help matters, or just shake things up.

As the trailer reached its end, it shows a montage of wacky scenes, including a giant carniverous plant eating a Sim and a rocket shooting into space. The Sims 4 looks to have a lot of potential, so let’s hope it continues to improve upon an already great franchise.


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  1. was i imagining things, or did Obama pop up a few times?

    i like the share feature, getting content from far more talented player, house i build are usually shite

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