Trophy List For Unannounced Entwined Leaks Ahead Of Sony’s E3 Conference

It appears a game called Entwined will be coming to Sony’s consoles soon, if a leaked trophy list is to be believed. The game looks to be a PSN title with 14 trophies with none of them being platinum. Instead there are 11 bronze, two silver, and one gold. Entwined looks to be about lifetimes and three creatures are named in the list including Fish, Bird and Dragon. There are eight lifetimes with a story mode and challenge mode present.

The full list below and it does contain spoilers.

  • Entwined – Collect all the other trophies. (Gold)
  • Eternity – Finish the Story Mode. (Silver)
  • Resolution – Finish all the Lifetimes as the evolved Dragon. (Silver)
  • Loneliness – Finish the Third Lifetime. (Bronze)
  • Ambition – Finish the Fourth Lifetime. (Bronze)
  • Anxiety – Finish the Fifth Lifetime. (Bronze)
  • Exploration – Finish the Sixth Lifetime. (Bronze)
  • Liveliness – Finish the Second Lifetime. (Bronze)
  • Freedom – Finisth the Eighth Lifetime. (Bronze)
  • Love – Fish and Bird meet in the middle 200 times. (Bronze)
  • Courage – Unlock all five elements in Challenge Mode. (Bronze)
  • Innocence – Finish the First Lifetime. (Bronze)
  • Persistence – Get a high score of 300 in any elemental level of Challenge Mode. (Bronze)
  • Enlightenment – Finish the Seventh Lifetime. (Bronze)

Source: Exophase