Become Entwined On PlayStation 4

During their E3 media show Sony have officially announced Entwined – a game we knew existed earlier today, thanks to a trophy leak.

Entwined was described by developers Pixel Opus as a game about two souls who are hopelessly in love but can’t be together. Aww.


Players take control of said ‘souls’ with a control scheme similar to that found in Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons – a character on each thumbstick – controlled independently.

Entwined is available now on PS4 for $9.99 / £6.49, with PS3 and Vita versions to follow at a later, as yet unannounced date.



  1. games like this mess with my brain.

    i’m all right if the characters stay on their respective sides of the screen, it’s when they flip that my brain goes all wonky, well, wonkier.

    it’s like trying to pat your head while rubbing your tummy.

    having said that, i just tried doing that, easy with my right hand patting my head, but the other way around and my left hand keeps going in circles while i pat my head, and i have to concentrate really hard not to pat my belly.
    i’m right handed you see, VERY right handed.


    i’d imagine this could be a good game for couples to play together if there was a co-op mode, or it could break them up. ^_^

    another 1 in the, games can be art, column.

  2. “two souls who are hopelessly in love but can’t be together” – sounds very much like me and Kylie, if it weren’t for the restraining order keeping us apart.

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