Alien: Isolations Latest Trailer Shows Glimpses Of The Other Enemies You’ll Face

A new trailer for Alien: Isolation has been released and this one shows all kinds of snippets of gameplay, from hiding in lockers to using a flamethrower in an enclosed space. You also get to see the Xenomorph in all of its glory as it prepares to take out the main protagonist of the game, Ellen Ripley’s daughter Amanda, who is saved by what appears to be a trap she may have set earlier. It all looks very creepy and amazing at the same time.


The trailer also appears to show one of the other dangers Amanda will face in the form of an android, who appears to be hunting her too and trying to kill her. It’s unconfirmed if the two androids shown in the trailer are in fact the same one, or if they’re part of a bigger group. What would be great is trying to ferry both the android and the alien in to one place and have them fight each other, while you plot your escape.

Source: Youtube



  1. Really looking forward to this.
    I wondered how they would pad out the game if you only had the alien to escape from, adding in a murderous android sounds so so cool. It’ll add more gameplay, more potential for story and also it fits with the theme from Alien too.

    Tempted to pre-order :)

  2. This looks amazing. Hopefully there are a few well developed side characters to get attached to so there’s an element of suspense when they’re in danger and sadness when they meet their untimely end. If it’s just Amanda on a ship with one Alien and a couple of evil Androids (are there any good androids?), the suspense will only last so long. Just like Outlast. That game was scary as hell at first but after a while you kinda get used to it. Throw in a couple of likeable side-characters/friends who can die based on your decisions/reaction time or survive with you until the end and it would make for a much more interesting game. Can’t wait either way. It looks great so far.

  3. Oh-Oh Pre-Release footage warning at start, does that mean i should expect a visual ‘downgrade’ (sorry to be cynical, but after Aliens:C.M, Watchdogs, Dark Souls II etc…man has to wonder…)

    Still, loving what they’ve done so far…could be THE Alien game i’ve been waiting for since Rebellions AVP on PC running on Windows ’95….yep, been a bloody long wait.

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