Dive Into The Depths Of The Ocean With ABZÛ On PS4

During Sony’s E3 conference last night a new studio going by the name Giant Squid took the opportunity to reveal its first title, called ABZÛ, for the PS4. It looks like a Journey inspired title set underwater and not in a desert, though that inspiration is explained since one of the members of the team is thatgamecompany’s former Art Director, Matt Nava, who worked on that and Flower. Nicholas Clark of thatgamecompany is also on hand as an advisor.


Brian Balmut is also on the team as Lead Engineer, and he has worked on PS All Stars Battle Royale. In fact it’s quite a talented team with Sound Designer, Steve Johnson, also working on this. He previously did audio work on The Last Of Us, Journey and God of War 3.

The name ABZÛ is derived from ancient Mesopotamian myths, with Ab meaning ocean and Zu meaning to know. This could be a very nice experience indeed then when the game launches.



  1. Beautiful to look at and probably very much in the “experience” end of the games industry. However, with the likes of Flower and Journey at the top of my lists, it very much has my attention.

  2. I’ve been asking for an underwater game like this for ages. Can’t wait.

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