Mortal Kombat X Brutalises E3 With Its First Gameplay Trailer

Sony’s E3 conference continues to impress, providing the world with the first look at gameplay from Mortal Kombat X.  The trailer shows the latest entry in the series with both updated visuals and evolved gameplay, including the ability to traverse the environment with Scorpion recovering by leaping from the branches of a tree. The game is also set to feature a persistent online mode, where players take part in an ongoing global battle for supremacy.


The trailer also features two new characters in the form of a bug/wasp woman and a huge hulking character with a smaller creature that rides on his back, though it seems that they’re able to operate independently of one another which should make them an interesting character to play.

The characters seem to carry more weight than previous entries in the series, with impacts and attacks looking and sounding particularly brutal.  The trailer also showcases new X-Ray attacks and the series staple Fatalities.  All in all, it looks like it should be a great instalment in the long-running series.



  1. Looks bloody brilliant!

  2. I’m not into fighting games at all, so this is not for me, and I found this trailer, well, let’s say a little over the top. But House’s remark afterwards was funny, I got the impression he felt like me… :o)

    • Maybe you’re new to gaming but mortal kombat is SUPPOSED to be over the top!

      • Gosh..! And I thought they were trying to be realistic! Thanks for letting me know!
        I may be yellow in the face, but believe me, son, I probably gamed a long time already before your parents even considered having you.

  3. broken bones, cracked skulls, and they’re back up and fighting as if nothing happened in a fraction of a second.

    Wolverine wishes he healed that fast. ^_^

  4. Awesome-sauce! I love Mortal Kombat and will return to it and try get the Platinum!!!
    Cannot wait for this and hopefully a demo before the game is released xD

  5. Very nice, but I need me some Tekken!!!!

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