New IP Splatoon Bringing Eight Player Multiplayer To Wii U

Nintendo haven’t ever really had a big presence in the world of multiplayer gaming. Although Mario Kart 8’s online features are certainly a huge step forward for the company, and Smash Bros. looks promising, they haven’t had an IP that lends itself to online multiplayer more than local.

So, they’ve announced a new IP. Named Splatoon, it features a unique form of eight player multiplayer involving paint, and the ability to transform from a human to a squid.


It’s a multiplayer shooter with a distinct Nintendo style, which means colourful visuals and paint instead of guns, but it actually looks quite brilliant, with the ability to transform allowing you to enter your team’s paint and swim around the level, gaining enough momentum to even jump right across it.

New IPs are always asked for, and this one in particular shows that Nintendo still have their imagination when it comes to new franchises. Let’s hope they get this one right.



  1. Looks like a lot of fun to me. Too bad about that 2015 release though.

  2. Looks bloody great fun and the most vibrant thing i’ve seen from this years E3 so far on any platform.

    Wonder how it’ll stand up to repeated/long term play though?.

  3. Been watching this on the Threehouse stream and it looks pretty fun. Not sure whether it’ll have a huge amount of longevity mind you.

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