PS Vita TV Is Launching In North America & Europe This Autumn

Sony has confirmed that PS Vita TV will be launching in North America and Europe at some point in autumn. The price point will be $99, so probably the something like £99 in Europe, which to be fair is very good value for money. A bundle was also announced which will include a Dualshock 3, an 8GB memory card, a voucher for The LEGO Movie Videogame. This had a price point of $130

The console will have access to over 1000 games at launch, and you will be able to stream your PS4 to another TV if the Vita TV is plugged into it. It’s great to see the console finally coming West, and it could be worth getting if you want to experience some great games.



  1. In the US Playstation Now make this appealing… In the EU surely a harder sell until next year?

  2. Good to finally get confirmation of an EU launch. I want this for PS4 game streaming to a second room, any vita titles that are compatible is just a bonus.

  3. If it let’s me play Vita titles on a big screen and with a more comfortable controller, I might even be tempted in spite of having a Vita.
    Is there the same restriction with regard to the single-account policy as on the Vita..? If not, I’d be instantly sold.

    • I’d like to know this too.

    • I think there are the same restrictions. The firmware is nearly (99.9%) identical if I recall correctly, so same features and stuff, aside from the PS4 operability which is tweaked slightly.

      • Ah, that would make it far less useful in our household. Shame :(

      • Ok, thanks. That’s a shame.

  4. Very nice, and with that Lego Movie game bundle potentially a cash cow at Christmas. Not sure if I’ll buy one now but hopefully this is a boost for the Vita in general.

  5. hopefully they don’t bump up the eu price by four or five times what the increase would be due to eu taxes.
    but they probably will.

    still, i’d love to get one.
    playing Vita games on tv with a Dual Shock.
    i wonder if Dragon’s Crown works on it. o_O

  6. Will have to buy another tv for this. Glad they have actually announced we are getting it.

  7. How is it “very good value for money”?

    In the US its £58 ($99)
    In Japan its £55 (9480 Japanese Yen)
    In Hong Kong, its £61 (798 Hong Kong Dollar)

    It certainly looks good as a device, but when other territories are paying almost half the price we are, £99 doesn’t seem very good value to me.

    • Not sure about Japan and Hong Kong but in the US tax is added at point of sale, still a lot cheaper than it will be here. There must be ‘special’ calculaters for working out exchange rates!

      • Yeah, I worked out the US Sales Tax, it adds an extra $8, so would work out to around £63.. Still a lot better than EU.

      • Haven’t seen a UK price yet. Only the 99 Euros. Importing from the US is particularity good at the moment as the exchange rate is a lot better than a few years ago which would have had $99 at about £75 when adding Tax. 99 euros is £80

  8. Sold!

  9. Even though I have a Vita already I’m very tempted by this – I’d love to play Killzone Mercenary on my TV with a Dualshock 3! Depending on UK price I’ll probably get it, especially if its under £100.
    Anyone know if I could just stick my Vita memory card into this and it would work fine and I wouldn’t have any issues when putting it back in the Vita?

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