The Order 1886 Shows Its Monstrous Side

Sony have taken the opportunity at E3 to showcase the first view of The Order 1886’s creatures with a gameplay video showcasing a werewolf-esque enemy.  The creature is clearly part of the bestial half-breeds which ‘The Order’ are tasked with keeping the world safe from.


The alternate-history based third-person action shooter has been pushed back into 2015 in order to give developer Ready At Dawn more time to polish the game.  The visuals however continue to impress, even at this stage, with the creature animation looking suitably lifelike.

The gameplay demo does however only feature two short sections where the player is actually in control, and a QTE as well which sadly seems to indicate that the gameplay experience will be decidedly last-gen despite it’s next-gen coat of paint.



  1. Ok, I did stay up, and this time the stream was halfway ok, only lost it in the end.
    This looked very promising, liked it much more than the previous trailer, seem to be in a monster-y mood recently… :o)

  2. Eff that QTE that’s there for no good reason, the rest looked pretty good. I’m surprised Sony didn’t make more of this game, and expected a longer, more in-depth gameplay session.

  3. Far too scripted for my tastes :( It made Uncharted look open world…

  4. I thought it looked amazing. Obviously quite scripted but I’m guessing that’s the first time we would have seen that enemy so building it up a little.

  5. Took him long enough to start shooting – I’d have blasted the thing straight away.

  6. Oh yes that looks really good. Cannot wait to get it.

  7. The QTE and two “you aren’t going to kill him so why bother shooting” sections should be removed and just let the movie play out by itself. Zzzzz.

  8. Looks like it’s coming along nicely. I’d take this ‘last gen’ gameplay over current gens obsession with four player co-op any day.

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