Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Could Be The Final Trip For Nathan Drake

Naughty Dog has released a new trailer for Uncharted 4 in which the tagline has been confirmed as “A Thief’s End”, which seems to point to this being the final outing for Drake. This keeps being hinted at by both him and Sully in a conversation Drake seems to be recollecting.

The footage itself has been captured from the PlayStation 4, and it looks absolutely astounding. At first Drake almost appears lifelike, and if that is captured footage can you imagine what the game will look like when it releases. I’m a huge fan of the Uncharted series and they all looked great to me, so I honestly can’t wait to see gameplay.

The trailer ends with a 2015 as the release year, but that could be at any point in those 12 months.



  1. ND does like the old bait-and-switch, so I’d be careful reading too much into it.

    The facial animation puts everything else to shame, incredible.

  2. I CANT WAIT! If it truly is “One last time”, I hope Naughty Dog go out with a bang, even challenging Uncharted 2.

  3. Incredible.

  4. Rubbish. The series sells far too well, and is much too important for Playstation. No one at Sony would let them take the winning team out of the competition. I’m looking forward to play a few more Uncharteds… :o)

  5. Really good trailer that, makes me want to see more.

  6. my guess is, it’ll be Sully who dies.

    oh, they’ll beat the crap out of Drake first, which happens more and more often the higher the number on the box. ^_^
    but i think he’ll only break when Sully dies.

    and the game will end with him saving the world from whatever the big bad in this is, but he’ll be a broken man, and he’ll have to find something worth fighting for again in Uncharted 5.
    or something will find him.

    that’s my theory, and i could be wrong, i often am. ^_^

    • I like the sound of that.

    • Sounds likely. Then… Uncharted 5: The Dark Thief Rises.

    • That was my guess also. “One last time” probably refers to Sully

  7. Really looking forward to this. Shame its 2015 though. I got my hopes up :'(

  8. Wow! I am always so excited for uncharted I love this series so much and for me it is unquestionably the greatest game series to ever grace my PlayStation.

    I didn’t stay up to watch last night because I needed to get my un-fit ass down the gym this morning but I will be watching the conference tonight after work and between this, the new Rainbow 6(immense) and Far cry so far 2015 is going to be an amazing year for gaming. I really can’t wait to see what my ps4 can do! :)

  9. Looks amazing, looking forward to this already.

  10. :-) Is this ‘The Last Time’ as in…

    The Last Ninja? (3 games, plus remix, plus proposed 4th instalment, plus a planned, then scrapped reboot).

    Final Fantasty….Lost count of all those games.

    No More Metal Gear says Hideo.. (after MGS 3 Snake Eater)….

    This is the software industry, if there’s money to be made, it’ll be milked dry.

    Looks fantastic (as i’d expect from N.D), but i’m hoping series pulls off a few new surprises, gameplay wise.

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