New Character Classes Travelling To Final Fantasy 14

Square Enix has announced two new character options will be making their way to Final Fantasy 14. The new class will be the Rogue fighter whilst the Ninja is seemingly a new job specialisation.


Both roles will be part of patch 2.4 for the MMORPG which is available on PS3, PS4 and PC. The patch will also allow the much requested ability for same sex marriage within the game.  This will mean that there are no limitations on marriage between race, gender or nation, and it’s pleasing to see Square-Enix implementing it whilst some game manufacturers continue to ignore it.

Source: Square-Enix



  1. Keen to re-sub at some point. I have the same problem with every MMO however in that there isn’t an easy way to enlist in guilds and have a constant feed of activities to do.

    I suppose what I’m saying is that I just need more MMO-playing friends :)

    • I had similar problems, ending up making a guild (sorry, “Free Company”) with a friend. There also appear to be two other TSA’ers on the same server (Chaos server, Phoenix world if interested) as me, though I don’t see them playing at all.

      I suspect one problem people have is that they create their characters, and then find their friends have started on different worlds and it is too much trouble to swap servers or create a new character.

      • Yeah I haven’t played it in a month. Really need to get back into it, but need to re-sub first.
        Also there were a couple other games I had my interest in :)

      • sanmartinez. it wasn’t a hint, honest :P

      • I’ve got a couple of characters but I need to resub. I will in July.

  2. I love this game, the last patch has more than enough to keep me busy until 2,4 let alone all that 2.3 has in store!

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