The Playroom DLC Will Turn Your Home In To A TV Studio

I admit I had filed this news at the bottom of a very big pile of other news as, well it’s the Playroom, and no one uses that anymore. Well, you might fancy firing it up again when the new and most importantly, free, content arrives this summer.

Obviously Sony has been paying attention to what people were doing with The Playroom and the DLC is themed around creating your own online TV show. Tentatively called “The Set Maker” the DLC includes set decorations, lighting and smoke effects, plus user definable banners. The video also shows new second screen functions where you can use your own photos with the AR space, and add theme music and virtual masks.

You will also be able to interact with your viewers and post polls which they can vote on in real time, the results popping up in a rather snazzy pie chart when voting has completed. In other words, you get to be John Snow on election night.

It’s all rather cool and snazzy, I quite fancy doing a “TSALive” show  once a week as we don’t have TSA TV anymore.

Source: YouTube



  1. The best news from E3………not!

    TSALive sounds good.

  2. TSA TV would indeed be good.

  3. I had a feeling they might add this type of content due to the success of people broadcasting themselves, looks like there’s some cool additions.

    Another vote for TSA TV Live here!

  4. Could I have an half hour guest slot where I just moan about how crap I think Watch Dogs looked?

  5. I’d watch TSALive…

    …as long as it has elephants in.

  6. at least PS camera has some better use than Kinect

  7. What the heck was wrong with the music in that clip?!! An awful mess that sounded like a GCSE student had been let loose with the musical equivalent of the ‘star wipe’.

  8. It will make the live streams a bit better I suppose. I know 2 youngsters that will enjoy it.

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