Customise Your Broadcasts As The Playroom: AR Studio Releases Tonight On PS4

Sony has announced that The Playroom will be getting some free DLC tonight in the form of AR Studio, which will allow users to further customise their surroundings for broadcasts. From launch The Playroom has been used as a studio of sorts while people play games or just chat with other users, and it’s this usage that has prompted Japan Studio into creating DLC that caters into creating proper broadcast studios.

Originally called Set Maker AR Studio will allow you to do the following with your broadcasts.

  • Play your own MP3s from USB sticks in the broadcast, as well as use the custom tunes that will come in the DLC.
  • You’ll be able to playback recorded PS4 footage on a projector within AR Studio, which means you can really give a detailed breakdown of what happened in them. Kind of like a weather person, but with more explosions.
  • There have been new masks added to wear, as well as an expanded list of screen effects. These screen effects include Retro, Arty, Futuristic & Psychedelic.
  • A ratings system has also been introduced, and there will be live polls too so you can ask questions to viewers who can answer by clicking on the interact button.
  • The sets can be customised using photos and videos from your smartphone, as long as you have the PlayStation app installed.
  • With the DualShock 4 you have added controller effects like confetti or smoke that can be activated during broadcasts.

All in all it’s a pretty hefty piece of DLC that may really be of value that broadcast a lot.

Source: PS Blog



  1. I don’t have a PS camera to take advantage of this but I think it sounds amazing. The fact that it’s free as well deserves some extra kudos too.

  2. Wow, those sound pretty cool. As someone who surfs through the Playroom channels frequently i’m looking forward to seeing what people do with the new features.
    It’s a shame the MP3 playback is only available while broadcasting though.

  3. At least if you want to host a ‘TV show’ you shouldn’t get the annoying playroom theme tune interfering with your stream. Not that I use it broadcast, I sometimes watch for fun.

  4. Broadcast MP3s.. then have Twitch mute your broadcast due to the new copyright system. Brilliant.

    • just use ustream they are okay whit anything

    • Playroom is mostly broadcast on Ustream but i think the Twitch audio filter is for recorded videos anyway, not live streams.

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