Check Out The Extra Shiny In These 1080P Trailers For Uncharted 4 And The Last Of Us Remastered

Naughty Dog have released 1080p versions of the two E3 trailers for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and The Last of Us Remastered.

Unfortunately we cannot embed them so you will have to head on over to the Naught Dog site, click here for Uncharted 4 and here for The Last of Us.

“All footage you see in the trailer was captured completely in engine,” say Naughty Dog. “That’s Nathan Drake rendered in 1080p full glory using the power of our PS4 engine. All footage you see in the trailer was captured completely in engine. We’re targeting 60fps for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and as you can see the visual fidelity for our character models will reach new heights. In fact, thanks to the power of the PS4, right now Drake’s Uncharted 4 model is over double the polygons of Joel from The Last of Us PS3.”

They also reveal the game will “explore what it means when Drake is forced back into the world of thieves” and “what he’s willing to sacrifice to save the ones he loves.”

As for the remastered The Last of Us, “We’re working on various improvements such as higher resolution character models, improved lighting and shadows, upgraded textures, functionality unique to the PS4 controller and more,” say Naughty Dog.

Good news for anyone who has the PS3 version of the game, although progress with not transfer over from the multiplayer portion you will be getting a supply bonus to give your Factions mode progression on The Last of Us Remastered a boost.  Also, all current DLC content including head items, weapons, and survival skills, that you have purchased for PS3 will be available for you in the PS4 version.

Source: Naughty Dog



  1. “Also, all current DLC content including head items, weapons, and survival skills, that you have purchased for PS3 will be available for you in the PS4 version.”

    I thought ALL the DLC was coming to the PS4 version anyway? That’s not good if it’s not imo. (I have bought all of it anyway but can see it annoying some people).

    It would be nice if they did a new trophy list to a) give people re-buying it a new challenges and b) so the awful multiplayer DLC trophies aren’t required for the Platinum.

    • Confusing, but all SINGLEplayer dlc will be included on disc for the remastered version. This press release is just talking about MULTIplayer dlc.

      • It said on the ND website that ALL DLC will be included in the remaster, both SP and MP. This article is incorrect about needing the PS3 MP DLC.

      • That’s what I thought Avengerr. Including ALL the DLC is usually a way to justify a re-release and avoid some criticism, and provide an incentive for existing owners to re-buy.

      • Well that’s what Naughty Dog said, I am merely quoting them. “We can now also say that all current DLC content – head items, weapons, and survival skills – that you have purchased for PS3 will be available for you in the PS4 version. “

  2. Only major difference I can see with TLoU is the smoother frame rate (and added sharpness) which looks nice, but isn’t worth an extra 50 pounds.

    Was expecting gameplay with the Uncharted 4 one, but just realised it’s same E3 nonsense we got a few days ago.

    • 50 pounds? I preoredered for £35 @ zavvi. Although, I didn’t play the original so at that price its a no brainer for me.

      • Well I do own the original, and whether it be a pre-order price, or full retail, it’s ridiculous for minor improvements. From the end user perspective it’s fine for anyone who hasn’t played it yet, but otherwise it’s a rip off.

    • Obviously this is the bit where you say “don’t be so daft, Mike!” but isn’t this primarily for people who haven’t played TLOU (for whatever reason) and also the serious fans who want to experience it all over again with greater fidelity?

      Sorry if I’m missing the point here but it’d be the same if I bought AC: Black Flag on the PS3, enjoyed it then bought it for the PC to play it with the graphics ramped up to the hilt. :-\

  3. It’s a shame that multiplayer progress isn’t transferable. I have almost finished my second “journey” through the MP and can’t honestly see myself doing yet another run.

  4. Still find it hard to believe that the UC4 trailer is captured from a PS4 running the game in real time. Naughty dog up to their usual graphical wizardry.

    • Yeah, I thought it was one of those pre-rendered cutscenes they’ve used for trailers before in the case of TLoU and UC3.

      Realtime, 1080p, 60FPS, makes The Order look dated… Witchcraft.

      I was wondering how much graphics could improve over the PS4s lifetime, this seems to be the answer. But it’s still early.

  5. Wow, seeing that Uncharted 4 trailer with low compression and a higher frame rate. Silky smooth. Interestingly, I find it almost jarringly smooth. Quite happy for thirty frames per second for action adventures. However, they’re obviously getting a lot from their engine from the very start so there’s no reason to go mental with it! :-)

  6. What are people’s predictions for when UC4 will come out?

    • Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes…

      The dead rising from the grave!

      Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

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