News Snatch: Hellraid, Sleeping Dogs HD And PS4 Early Access

Right then, new week, same old Snatch but rather heavy on the text this week, all the videos and trailers were posted during E3. We do have a couple though, starting with a features trailer for Hellraid which is coming to PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Borderlands 2 on PS Vita will be patched this week, control issues will be tweaked including “giving you control of the size of touch area [on the back touch panel] so you can make it smaller as needed.”

The identity of the Arkham Knight from Batman: Arkham Knight may have been revealed in a slip up by the developer. SPOILERS, obviously, but if you are curious and want the story ruined, click here.

Development news! Unity has finally been released to the public for PlayStation 4. It supports all the PS4 gubbins including the  controller’s speaker, touchpad, vibration, and light colour, and depth detection, hand and face positioning and PS Move detection via the camera.

Meanwhile Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman has told Polygon that “Close to 1,000 developers sign up every month,” for the console, with 36,000 teams working on games. Oddly, they have only managed to produce 825 games.

It turns out Magicka 2 may be a timed exclusive on PlayStation 4, rather than an exclusive exclusive.

“Back then, it sounded like Sony had a more solid offering. But we hope to go to the Xbox One as well. We want to be on all platforms where all gamers are,” said Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester. “We’ll see if Microsoft is still interested in working with Magicka when that time is up. We’d be happy to bring it to the Xbox One.”

Drinkbox studios, the chaps who made Tales From Space: Mutant Blob Attacks and Guacamelee! are have big announcemnts this week, but it’s not more Tales from Space.

Do you really need to know what Minecraft will look like on PS Vita? Can’t you just imagine it? Like, Minecraft but a bit smaller? No? Well you had better watch the video above then. Oh, and try and be more imaginative in the future.

Lucky sods in the Destiny Alpha, I have some bad news. Your stats will not carry forward to the Beta. Boo!.

David Braben of Elite fame is now David Braben OBE after being named in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list. A well deserved award, our congratulations go to David.

All the innuendo from the old Indiana Jones: Fate Of Atlantis game. Fnar fnar, as we used to say at Your Sinclair.

ShopTo listed and then deleted Sleeping Dogs HD for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Perhaps it was a mistake and meant to be a listing for Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars, or perhaps they are remastering the original game.

YouTube celebrity PewDiePie is making 4 million a year by swearing, shouting and twerking at video games. I just hope Peter does not read this, I really don’t want to see Blair twerk his way through Alien: Isolation.

It look’s like Thomas Was Alone will be coming to LittleBigPlanet 3. “I am dead serious when I say that if this is in LBP3 I will buy it, and create TWA stages!” tweeted a fan, “You better get practicing then ;)” replied Pete Smith, Executive Producer for Sony Xdev Europe.

Sony are thinking about an “Early Access” system, much like the one found on Steam.

“That’s one of the massive conversations we have internally — that, at what point does [a game meet standards of release]?” said Sony’s Adam Boyes. “Because at some point, we have to ensure that we’re being mindful of the consumer. You don’t want someone to stumble across [a game in alpha] and expect it to be finished, and have a negative experience.”

“Honestly, we’re working through [paid alpha discussions] right now,” he added. “We’re figuring out what is ok. And obviously we have the technical requirement checklist that people have to adhere to.”

Sunset Overdrive runs at 900p 30fps and Insomniac have no plans to push the game to 1080p.

And Finally, we head over to Japan where a chimp and a monkey pig would like to announce a new PlayStation 4 game.


  1. Who’s going to point out that it’s not a chimp and a monkey there, but in fact a chimp and a pig?

    Looks like Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory 2. For the PS4? Which means I’ve got to get around to playing the previous game first?

    Kind of worried how wrong all the characters can be with the power of the PS4 behind them. Will that extra power allow developers to give characters more suitable clothing? I doubt it.

    • Argh thast goes I meant to change “Monkey” to “Chimp”. I blame Blair.

      • If you changed “monkey” to “chimp” when it said “a chimp and a monkey”, it would then say “a chimp and a chimp”. Which is even worse!

        As it is, now I’m reading it as “a chimp and a monkey pig”. Which is an improvement, I guess. It’s certainly a lot weirder, which is always good in my book.

        I do like your policy of blaming someone else though. I use that theory, on the grounds that everyone’s guilty of something, so the little details like what and when they did something don’t really matter. It all averages out in the end.

      • Leave me alone you bully *cries*

      • Can I get away with “you started it” here?

  2. David Braben now an OBE? I didn’t see that as a Stretch goal on Kickstarter….

    • Her majesty was a huge Elite fan.

      • Now Braben is a member of the elite! Sorry, I’ll get my coat…

  3. Early access is fascinating on Steam. It’s both horrid and fantastic. There is some absolute dross making it through and people getting pissed off very, very quickly with “unfinished games”. Duh! Early Access, folks. However, that definition alone is subject to people’s interpretation.

    On the flip side of all of this is the startling number of great concepts we’re seeing and how those “winners” will hopefully go on to finish their games, look after the customers and also come back to create something wonderful again later on down the line with the profit they’ve made from their first venture. The balance of all of this? Well… that’s what Sony is trying to nail to see if it’s tenable.

  4. Apparently, Insomniac has used the extra power of kinectlessness to add more crowds and particles. Why not resolution, you ask? Because that’s limited by memory, not power.

    The Borderlands update is very welcome as I keep accidentally triggering actions. I kinda dislike the rear touchpad, as apart from a few novel uses, it generally only makes the Vita crampy and painful to hold when attempting to avoid touching it.

    I’m with Tuffcub when it comes to Destiny saves, we don’t need to give those lucky alpha sods superiority in the beta. No, I’m not jealous… Ok, maybe a lot.

    I hope the Sleeping Dogs thing is in reference to a sequel and not another remaster.

    And early access on Playstation can piss right off, I prefer my games finished. Day one patches are bad enough.

  5. Free alpha and beta tests are fine with me. Instability and lack of features is offset by the value and fact that you sometimes get something exclusive in the full game, like that founders’ glove in Starhawk, or whatever I get for being in the Destiny alpha ;-)

    Paid-for early-access is a Bad Thing: it encourages a drip-feed of incremental builds that carry on well past the old ‘gone-gold’ milestone. Look at Star Citizen, when will the full game be released? Once the early adopters have been bled dry?

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