Call Of Duty: Ghosts Invasion DLC Hits PlayStation & PC On July 3rd

Activision has announced that the Invasion DLC for Call Of Duty: Ghosts will be releasing on PS4, PS3 and PC on July 3rd, while it’s already available on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The pack comes with four maps including Mutiny, Pharoah, Departed and an updated version of Favela from Modern Warfare 2. There’s also the third episode of the Extinction mode, named Awakening, which takes players into an underground alien base.


While a price wasn’t given in the PR it’s likely the Invasion DLC will be the same or similar cost to the Xbox version, which itself stands at £11.59. Those with the Season Pass will be able to access the content for free when it goes live on the release date.

Source: PR