CoD Ghosts DLC Drop Delivers More Custom Appearance Options

Activision has deployed its latest content drop for Call of Duty: Ghosts, this time in the form of custom appearance options for players’ online avatars.

Though there has always been a degree of customisation, the latest instalment in Activision’s power-selling franchise took thing a little further. Aside from decals, player-cards, backgrounds, emblems, and swappable costume, in Ghosts players can also don custom skins. In the past these have included “Legends” such as Soap McTavish and even Captain Price.


The latest DLC bundle, as showcased above, serves up three more of these skins. There’s a red flame skin, money skin, and another, rather leafy one, for the more green-fingered among Ghosts’ solid fanbase. It’s a niche demographic, though its always nice to see a big-time publisher catering for those with lesser-known hobbies and interests. The pack also throws in two new weapon types with six skins to wrap them in.

They don’t come cheap, however. Those wanting to add some spice to their online profile will have to dole out $2 per skin with both weapons running at $4 a pop. All are currently available on Xbox platforms.


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  1. Hate these cheesy camos, it just how far CoD has fallen from the more realistic CoD4. Makes me sad.

    Even in MW2, who thought a load of cash should fall out of the enemy when you got a “payback” kill. Seriously.

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