Pavilion Trailer Sheds More Light On The Fourth Person Puzzler

Visiontrick Media has released a new trailer for debut title Pavilion, which is a fourth person puzzler. The game was first revealed a few months back but since then news has been quiet on it. The trailer above shows some more gameplay from the upcoming game, showing what appears to be the player’s cursor in the form of a yellow light manipulating the world around the other character so he can traverse it.


The main focus of Pavilion is just that, putting players not in the shoes of the adventurer himself but of an assistant to help the protagonist to reach the end. Players will have to learn the kind of personality this person has if they wish to assist him in the correct way, or risk losing him. The developer is still not releasing too much more information about what else we can expect from Pavilion, nor is there a firm release date for when it will release on PS4 and Vita.

Source: PS Blog



  1. I haven’t heard the term fourth person used before but it looks and sounds interesting.

  2. Looks interesting…..

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