WeView: Don’t Starve

Don’t Starve is a quirky little indie game in which you must survive for as long as possible and, as the title suggests, avoid going hungry. There’s a bit more to it than that though, and it can actually be quite a deep game if you get into it, as you explore the mysterious world.

I’ve never personally been a fan of the game, even when it was offered for free on PlayStation Plus for PS4 earlier this year. I just couldn’t get into it; the art style was quite nice, but the roguelike aspects (read: permadeath) and heavy focus on collection and crafting couldn’t bring me in.

We did feature the game in our Plus Point challenge which produced some amusing results, as it was a caption contest focusing on the funniest moments from the game. You can see our top three here. There are links to the top ten, and some of them are quite hilarious.

There was no TSA review, though Jim did spend a few hours with the game, only to find that it wasn’t really his thing:

Will I go back to Don’t Starve? Most likely, yes. I’m not particularly keen on the sorts of games which require trawling user wikis and guides yet at the same time there’s an almost tangible sense of reward that comes from gaining knowledge whether first hand or from other players. For now I’m still not sold on the premise but at the same time I’d still advise people to at least try it.

It was definitely an interesting, divisive game, and seems as though the more you put into it, the more you got out of it. I’d quite like to play it more, but I just don’t think I could invest my time. Perhaps the forthcoming Vita version could prove useful for on-the-go starvation.

But what did you think? Were you starved of enjoyment, or did you gorge on the game’s offerings with gluttony? Let us know in the comments section in a paragraph or so, and don’t forget to leave a Buy It, Sale It, Plus It or Avoid It rating there too, since it’s a downloadble game.



  1. Ooo, look. A comments section! :-P

    This game type isn’t for me either, Blair, but it’s a testament to the mod community and pretty much the sole reason why I enjoyed it. I hated the perma-death so modded it. I didn’t want to lose all of my hard work. I also tweaked a few other things and, next thing you know, I had a game I thoroughly enjoyed!

    Add to this that co-op is coming very soon (on the PC, at least) and the mod community will hopefully just update the major mods so I’ll be happy as can be once more but with a friend or two! :-)

    • Sale It (but read about it thoroughly first due to its polarising gameplay).

  2. Hated it. Doesn’t help that there are no instructions.

  3. I really enjoyed it, I’d say buy it. But you need to be interested in Indie games that make their own rules and differ from the norm of course. Looking forward to seeing the dlc on PS4, I hope we get co-op as well.

  4. Avoid it… & if you’re lucky enough to have downloaded it on Plus without playing it yet… Delete it!

    I didn’t have the patience to walk around collecting twigs & daffodils whilst knowing I could insert a game disc and have fun shooting people in the face or saving little green men from martians or multi coloured alien folk whatever they are.

    That pretty much sums up my view of the game.

    • Everything he just said.

      Avoid it.

  5. By starving myself of this experience i was able to meditate and achieved true enlightenment .. or maybe i just forgot about it. Either way i was glad to Avoid it.

  6. I didn’t like this game the first time I played it, didn’t get it and I didn’t know how to play it. But I tried it again and I am so glad I did, because it is brilliantly additive.
    Once you get it and know what you have to do, its a a great game. Highly stressful but great, yes their are no instruction with it and its a learning curve to play it. But that’s what’s great about it, it makes a change to figure stuff out on your own for a change instead of playing through a sometimes annoying tutorial level.

    Its looks great and I love it when you are starving and loosing your mind, the
    I think its a Marmite game you either love it or hate. And I love it.
    Buy it

    • I agree tutorials are often annoying, nice breath of fresh air for a game to let you figure it out for yourself without the hand holding. Although I appreciate that will frustrate many players.

  7. Don’t buy it! Avoid it, burn it, by the love if God if you got it on PS plus delete it, copy it on a CD & burn it then smash it.

    It’s a silly stupid game with no goal or clear directions when you stuck, the graphics are bad enough.

    Burn it, avoid it

    • “No clear goal”? It’s all in the title :)

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