Slow Down, Bull Is Insomniac’s Experimental Charge At Open Development

Insomniac Games has announced a new project in the form on Slow Down, Bull. The game is the studio’s shot at going back to its much smaller indie roots, and to create a game using a very small team. In fact Slow Down, Bull is being made by a team of five for PC, and it’s so early in development that there is no trailer or screenshots. In fact the only thing that has been created is a draft for key concept art.



The story of Slow Down, Bull is about a bull named Axel who likes to collect things. He has to remain calm while collecting items, because if he succumbs to his bullish nature then the items collected will be destroyed. The development of the game will be streamed by Insomniac each Friday, with the first stream happening this Friday. As the game is so early in development there is no release date for Slow Down, Bull.

Source: Insomniac Games


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  1. I like the streaming as that might crowd-source some good ideas. Hope it goes well.

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