Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Trailer Has Konami Claiming The Pitch

Konami has released the first trailer for Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, with the footage shown taken direct from gameplay. It looks pretty good with different skills shown, and a decent header at goal. It looks like the pitch will have individual blades of grass, at least on the new generation of consoles. There’s not really much else except for the fact that Konami seems to have issued a challenge with the slogan “The pitch is ours.”


It’s been a long while since PES could claim superiority over FIFA, and it would take something special for it to put up a huge challenge this year. Of course we’ll have to see what Konami has up its sleeve with the release of PES 2015. We’ll see more of the game on July 3rd, where more footage and a release date are likely.

Source: Youtube



  1. I’d like to see faster gameplay from both franchises this year

    There’s too much bloat, too much animation… Fun is being eroded

    • Who the hell told EA Sports they needed to add time wasting at throw-ins to FIFA?

      And worse, they’re apparently making both it, and ‘parking the bus’ a tactic in FIFA 15…

      Going to play a legion of Mourinho Chelsea online. :(

  2. Can’t wait for pro15, Was starved a true footy game had to settle for the other one.

  3. Looks shocking, couldn’t believe it was PS4/XB1 gameplay.

    • Lol how is it shocking?

      • It just looks like it did last gen? Thought Konami said it was gonna rebuilt from the ground up for next gen?

      • I thought the graphics looked good to be honest.

    • I have got to say I completely agree, Looks shocking.
      Half the ball is buried in the grass. Did anyone else hear or see when the ball hit the back of the net???
      Awful thud and no net movement.
      Poor Konami have fallen from the top and are nowhere near returning to it.

      • Totally agree Beracky, even the animations still look as robotic as ever! Always hope PES can come back to what it was during the PS2 era but I think PES died after PES6 tbh. In that time FIFA has innovated and raised there game, if you compare both trailers it’s clear to see who’s made the most effort and innovation. Was a big PES fan but this isn’t cutting it.

  4. Please please please let this be good. We never had a good PES game in the PS3 lifetime at all, something was always broken. I miss PES.

  5. Also please update the commentary, I have heard some of the same sentences repeated since the PS2 days.

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