WeView Verdict: PES 2015

PES has never really appealed to me. I think it’s probably the lack of licensing that frustrates me; I want to play as Brighton and Hove Albion or I’m not all that interested. Sure, option files let you overcome that particular issue on the previous generation of consoles, but it’s not the simple plug and play mechanic you get with FIFA.

However, it’s not my view of the game that matters at the end of the day. This is WeView, so you get to pat me kindly on the head and explain exactly why my view on Konami’s football title couldn’t be more wrong. For example, licensing doesn’t really seem to have bothered any of you, with mugsybalone calling it a “moot point”, and noting that the aforementioned option files on PS3 and Xbox 360 mean that anyone complaining about licences is “either ill-informed, or lazy.” It’s the latter mugsy, I’m really very lazy.

colmshan1990 picked up on the licensing issue too, pointing out that “it’s never been less important given that FIFA’s most popular mode involves fans making up their own team in FUT.” However, colmshan is less forgiving in other areas of the game, noting that “The UI and presentation are nothing short of terrible” and feeling that the “in game commentary and replays are so bad the game would be better off with neither of them”. As criticisms go, that’s fairly damning.

As for the actual gameplay, colmshan1990 feels that the passing is too slow, an area that Light Liguria also picked up on, calling it “quite weak”. Liguria also criticised the game’s goalkeeping and defending, although they did feel that the AI was great overall.

On the other side of things was psychobudgie, who simply called it the “Best football game there is at the moment.” They were joined by JustTaylorNow, who praised the game’s first touch and ball control, and calling the overall presentation “top notch”. Their thoughts on the game were nicely encapsulated when they said “In terms of realistic real football this is the game to be playing.”

cam_manutd backed JustTaylorNow’s view of the game, praising the way a “lazy pass to an opposition player is all it takes” to lose a match, and calling it “a truer representation of the game we love.” They also heaped praise on the use of the Fox Engine, saying that the “lighting effects and player movements really bring the matches you play to life.” On a slightly more negative note, they did feel that game’s commentary remains subpar and pointed out that while the “online is much improved” overall, it was “near unplayable for a week or so” after launch.

For our final comment, let us return to mugsybalone. It seems mugsy is quite the fan of PES, noting that while leading Middlesbrough to an “epic 5-1 demolition of Barcelona in a European cup final” in FIFA is a lot of fun, it’s not exactly realistic. It’s the brutality of PES that appeals to him, a view that’s summed up wonderfully in the following extract from his lengthy treatise on the game:

Every completed pass feels like a hammered-home volley. Every tackle won feels like clean sheet. Every goal feels like a cup win. It’s a brutal, unrelenting, unforgiving game, but as such it makes every little success all the sweeter. While its shinier, more welcoming, better licensed counterpart will make you feel like a glorious, triumphant hero, for ninety percent of the time, Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 will kick you in the nuts. If you don’t have nuts, it will even go to the effort give you some, for the sake of kicking them. Which is why it’s brilliant.

With all of that said, it’s time to turn to the verdict. Although there were some doubts expressed about the game, just two of you selected Sale It as your verdict for the game, while the remaining six selected Buy It. Given that FIFA 15 didn’t fair nearly as well in its WeView, it really does seem that PES is the football game to beat right now, even if it doesn’t sell as well as its competitor.



  1. I have had this for a week on rental, i didnt buy it as i fell out of love with the series during the PS3 era having owned every title since the days if ISS.

    Im glad to say that Pro Evo is back, im hooked on it. It still has the same old issues, licensing, awful commentary, dodgy menus etc. However, where it counts – on the pitch the game is amazing. Passing is crisp and fluid, shooting is sublime and the goalies are actually competent. Apart from the occasionally dodgy clumsy looking collision during tackles i can honestly not fault the gameplay. This is the longest a PES game has held my interest since PES5.

    Im giving serious thought to buying the game and returning the rental copy. This is the footy fix i waited a whole console generation for.

    • “Same issues, dodgey menu” the menu changed massively, it’s been redesigned fresh & it’s better.

      • Ok, ill give you that it is better. However the commentary is dire and you would imagine it would not take much effort to improve so why dont they.

  2. Loved pes2013 but put-off getting this because 2014 was gash, I’ll have to get this now. Being a tight-arse and having a massive backlog I’m still waiting for it to get to £10 ish.

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