The Banner Saga Traipsing Onto Tablets, PS4 & Vita Versions May Follow Later This Year

Stoic Games has announced that The Banner Saga will be releasing on iOS and Android tablets at some point this summer, with the possibility of PS4 and PS Vita versions releasing later this year. If the name sounds familiar to you then you may remember that Stoic were embroiled in a bit of a battle with King, the developer behind Candy Crush Saga. At the time King were trying to block Stoic from trademarking The Banner Saga, with this down to using the word saga. Eventually this was dropped and the game released.


The Banner Saga was originally developed with tablets in mind, but the PC release came first. While Stoic would like to see the game on Sony consoles, getting the release sorted depends on time as the studio only consists of three people.

“For Vita, I’d much rather see it on PlayStation 4 first, then work on the Vita. The Vita might need some changes to take advantage of the fact that it’s both control and touch at the same time.”

The PC version has recently been localised for French,German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish audiences.

Source: Digital Spy



  1. Also the game which has triggered a very public dispute between Austin Wintory (composer from Journey, as well as this game) and his union, American Federation of Musicians.

    A terrible story which deserves more coverage.

    • Yeha that is pretty bad

    • Really bad, what disgusting behaviour by the union and what a sad country to let the union reverse their mandate and attack members instead of protecting them. I’ll spot him a fiver to pay the fine.

  2. Played this on PC, stunningly beautiful game, really captures the feel of an epic journey. The combat is pretty enjoyable too. Highly recommend it.

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