Thomas Was Alone DLC Benjamin’s Flight Freely Takes Off On PC

Mike Bithell has announced that the Benjamin’s Flight expansion for Thomas Was Alone, which was previously exclusive on PlayStation, is now available for free on PC, Mac, & Linux. It’s already available to select in the scenario menu for the Steam version of the game. The story of Benjamin’s Flight is a prologue to the main Thomas Was Alone campaign, telling the story of a different AI who has a jetpack to traverse the world.

It has its own individual script which is also voiced over by Danny Wallace, who did a fantastic job for the main game. There are also new music tracks, which again were brilliantly composed for the Thomas Was Alone. So if you’ve been wondering about the expansion then now could be a good time to fire up the game again. The email ended with a little thank you message from Mike Bithell.

“Benjamin’s Flight is a big thank you to everyone who believed in our silly little game.”


Source: Email.