Don’t Expect To Jump In The Pool In The Sims 4 When It Launches

The Sims blog has recently updated with some new details about the upcoming Sims 4, and there are couple of quite big omissions from the base game. The first is that you will not be able to build a swimming pool as that crafting tool won’t be available, instead replaced with a fountain building tool. The second is that the toddler stage of a Sims’s life cycle has been removed from the game too.


It’s quite the massive removal of a crafting tool that has been around since the very first Sims game, and the wording of the blog does suggest it will come later but whether as a free download or payable DLC is unknown. EA & Maxis also seems to really trying to sweep the whole online fiasco of SimCity under the rug too, as the developers have announced that you will not be required to be online when playing the game.

There’s also the addition of Worlds, where player’s sims can travel between not just neigbouhoods but different worlds, and you won’t need to start a new game to do so. The Sims’ stats will travel between these different areas too.

Source: The Sims Blog



  1. But… but how are we meant to sadistically kill our sims by removing the ladder when they’re swimming in the pool?!

    Whenever I walk into GAME, it seems an entire shelf is made up of various expansions for The Sims so it wouldn’t surprise me to see it as DLC.

    • – build a big-ass fountain

      – insert unsuspecting Sim

      – remove all surrounding landmass

      – profit

  2. A few years ago the question was “Why upgrade when the only difference is graphics?”, and now the question is “Why upgrade when there’s less content than the earlier games?”

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